Allen West Rides Into The “Plantation” Controversy

We don’t really need to go back into the genesis of this week’s set-to over Rep. Bill Cassidy’s statement that Harry Reid runs the Senate like a plantation and the fake controversy Reid and the Democrats have attempted to make that into. By now you’re probably tired of that stupid food fight and the sideshow of Rob Maness attempting to use it to do some ankle-biting of Cassidy.

But we thought we’d add something to the gumbo which might spice it up a little. Namely, that the Louisiana GOP reached out to former Congressman Col. Allen West, a black conservative of impeccable conservative credentials and Tea Party orientation, to ask for his help in shutting down the dumb accusation of racism over Cassidy using “plantation” as an analogy for a lousy place to work where the tyrannical boss exploits the captive workers for his own selfish ends.

And West delivered. A quote passed along to us by the highly entertained staffers at the state party. This from an e-mail West sent to Austin Stukins, the LAGOP Digital and Political Director, this evening…

Put in a comment from me that “I found Senator Harry Reid’s comments on Barack Hussein Obama’s skin color and diction then utterly reprehensible. I condemn the Democrat party for creating a 21st century economic plantation in the nation’s inner cities destroying the black community — for which Senator Reid should apologize for. And I stand by and fully support my former colleague Rep. (Dr.) Bill Cassidy’s accurate assessment of Harry Reid’s dictatorial tyranny in running the US Senate as a master and everyone else, especially the opposition Republicans, are his subservients. The liberal progressives cannot continue on this path of crying foul while dismissing and disregarding their own despicable statements.”



So there’s that.

Perhaps Reid, since he’s been characterized as a modern-day Simon Legree, can respond to West by calling him an Uncle Tom. Or maybe Reid could opine as to the hue of West’s skin or the cadence of his speech. Either way, we anxiously await his reaction.

As for Maness, this must be a particularly unkind cut from such a luminary of the Tea Party movement whose mantle he has assumed for himself in this race – since according to Maness the Tea Party is fully on board with the politically-correct scolding of Cassidy as making “offensive” statements regarding the character of the working conditions in Reid’s Senate.

For the rest of us, a controversy which had been stale and stupid from its very beginning has suddenly become entertaining after all. And just in time for the weekend.

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