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“The truth of the matter is that the rate of criminality in the NFL is lower than that of the general public. No, the NFL does not have a “violence against women problem”, or at least not one that is worse than the public in general. As Jim Picht of Communities Digital News shows us, the incidence of domestic violence by NFL players is actually around half that of the same age group in the general United States population. He cites two different studies that show similar results…one done in 1999 by Alfred Blumstein & Jeff Benedict, and another published back in July by Benjamin Morris at fivethirtyeight.com.” – RedState

Iraq, immigration, inversion. On all three of the issues referred to, President Obama finds himself forced by events to do something he dislikes — and he’s in trouble with much of his Democratic-party base for doing so.” – Michael Barone/National Review

“Just passing along a stat that blew the conservasphere’s collective mind when it started circulating last night on Twitter. Mmmmmm, that’s good bias.” – Hot Air

“Virginians aren’t the only ones who will have to abandon the health plans they like. Kaiser Health News reported earlier this month that consumers in many states ‘may soon find a surprise in their mailbox: a notice that their health plan is being canceled.'” – Investor’s Business Daily

“The imminent climate summit in New York is rapidly turning into an utter embarrassment for President Obama and UN Secretary General Bank Ki-Moon, in addition to becoming a bit of a punishment round for national deputy leaders.” – Watts Up With That

“Imagine the following scenario becoming law in your state: illegal aliens qualify for Medicaid and college tuition. They also have the right to vote, and even run for public office. Sound far-fetched? Not in New York; if Democrats win control of the state senate in November, they plan to make it happen:” – IJ Review

“The National Labor Relations Board has ordered CNN to rehire 100 workers and compensate 200 others for a labor dispute that originated in 2003.” – Variety

“Crime in Baltimore is dropping like a pile of hot rocks. And Elliott Einbinder knows the reason why: It is hard to get arrested there.” – American Thinker

“A sorority at California State University Fullerton is in serious trouble because it hosted a Taco Tuesday event where students wore ‘culturally insensitive attire’ such as sombreros.” – National Review

“As they endure humiliating headlines, damaging federal investigations and tough scrutiny of their personal lives, scandal-tarred lawmakers aren’t just surviving this midterm year. In many cases, they’re thriving.” – POLITICO


“Over the weekend the latest in the rolling scandal surrounding Mary Landrieu’s practice of charging taxpayers for her campaign travel throughout Louisiana made its way into a sluggish and indifferent local media.” – Scott McKay/American Spectator

“Ask Cassidy why this is happening and he’ll offer his own gag line that’s funny because, again, at least in part it’s true. ‘I’m a gastroenterologist and gastroenterology prepared me very well for D.C.,’ Cassidy said with a chuckle. ‘It’s incredible. Sometimes the view seems the same.'” – Jeremy Alford/NOLA.com

“The East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office in 2013 once again spent more money than it received, according to an audit by the Legislative Auditor’s Office, a trend that is draining the office’s general fund. And it’s a trend that will send District Attorney Hillar Moore III once again to the city-parish seeking help.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“A fight between two girls at an Ascension Parish Middle School went before a parish judge on Monday. The victim’s parents said cell phone video shows a brutal premeditated attack on their daughter.” – WAFB

“U.S. Senator David Vitter announced this week that nine regional airports across the state of Louisiana will be getting federal grant money.” – KPEL

“Louisiana is home to the most single people per capita in the country, according to an analysis by City Lab and the Martin Prosperity Institute.” – NOLA.com

“The spike in public school retirements eased somewhat, but the numbers are still higher than prior to passage of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s education revamp, according to newly released statistics.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

Five people were shot Monday night in New Orleans East, according to New Orleans police spokesman Officer Frank Robertson III.” – Fox 8 Live

“So it’s all the more suspicious that Jindal has done little to nothing to help his hometown congressman, U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, in his quest to defeat Democratic incumbent, Mary Landrieu, in Louisiana’s own hyper-competitive Senate race.” – NOLA.com

Work has started on the Onyx Residences, a $7 million mixed-use development that will be built downtown at the corner of Third and Convention streets. The Onyx Residences will have 28 apartments on top of 5,600 square feet of commercial space.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

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