SARGE: Burnin’ That Big Top Down

With the Democratic State Central Committee of Louisiana endorsing a convicted felon in the 6th Congressional District race, we see people running around as though their hair’s on fire and their butts are catching. With proclamations of the Democrats being corrupt and interested solely in the chance to get another seat in the House of Representatives marked with a big “D” we must ask: you’re just now noticing?

Labeling the Democrats as “A Criminal Syndicate Masquerading As a Political Party” may carry the bombast necessary to gain a little attention but as usual it sounds rather like Cotton Mather, the Puritan Leader of Massachusetts history as he excoriated the obvious: man is an impure and tragically flawed creature not yet aware of his own debauchery. So; what does all of this matter other than the fact the Democrats in the form of Karen Carter Peterson and Shane Riddle have offered themselves up as manipulative dolts?

Yes, they have endorsed criminality. It’s the foundational element of Democrat politics since the ink dried on the Constitution and the Democrats were climbing from the primordial ooze politics is. From web-footed slug to knuckle dragging Neanderthal and later to Homo Appreciative, we’ve watched the Democrats fight the end of slavery, develop their personal military faction in the KKK skulking through the night, clad in cheap sheets and hoods to hide their cowardice. They culled the herd and gulled the populace with their then and now Populist rhetoric.

Of course they’re a continuing criminal enterprise. But as the power resides on their side of the Senate’s aisle there’s little to no chance of it changing over the next couple of weeks because it often seems Republicans are no better.

In their effort to assure the people they’ve suckered into their circus minstrel show they call a political party, their token liberal Ms. Peterson is front and center to assure the voter base the party has their best interests at heart. As long as the elitists in the party can continue to subsidize the pay for play program of increased child birth for some and the execution of the unborn for others, we’ll see people marshaling behind scoundrels such as their selection of standard bearer.

The selected and endorsed candidate is apparently God’s wrath for Louisianans NOT paying attention to what’s right and proper but are more interested in getting whatever they can from the corpse of moral decency and virtue. The Democrats have feasted on that corpse until the bones lay bleached in the sun and there’s little more to pick. Vultures will worry a bone until it cracks laying bare the marrow once concealed at its core.

This latest act is no more than the display of a party regularly and consistently embarrassing itself with such thinking. There are no real policy plans making Democrats acceptable to the rest of the country. But, Obama and his band of mental munchkins are quick to entertain the people with songs by the Lollypop Guild. There’s no substance to their positions and there is no foundation on which to support the betterment of the people. The process, for Democrats, is to slather syrup and promises on the broken shards of bone they allowed to be stripped of its core.

It tastes good for these recipients of non-nutritive, candy-coated refuse sweetens the taste buds but does nothing to enrich, enliven and ennoble the people they claim they want to help by endorsing this fraud.

The candidate’s an anachronism, a throw-back to all we find abhorrent and unseemly. He’s the next to last clown out of the car in this centerpiece of a three ring circus. As the next to last, he’s totally forgettable and merely one more example of the comedy of errors this election cycle in Louisiana has become.

It’s time to shut the show down, collapse the tents and scrape the grease paint from the candidate’s face. It’s time to recognize he’s just another clown grown too old to be funny any longer and now, in the dimming light under this tattered and torn Big Top we know as the Democratic Party, he’s more an object of pity than entertainment.

Thanks for listening.

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