SARGE: Grasping At Sawgrass

grasping at straws: to depend on something that is useless; to make a futile attempt at something. 2. trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work  3. trying to find reasons to feel hopeful about a bad situation (Free Dictionary by Farlex)

Sawgrass (Cladium jamaicense) isn’t a “true” grass. It’s a member of the sedge family, characterized by sharp teeth along the edges of each blade.

Obama is noted for hornswoggling the American public for the better part of two terms as what he best approximates to a presidency (read Dismal Failure). His latest dose of verbal incontinence shows he’s trying to appear presidential, resolute and strong when his bowels are evacuating like a calf with scours.

There will be no combat role for American heroes in Iraq. This is true; for now. But, remember the guy plays basketball. This is another case of him trying to run out the shot-clock and leave this mess in The Levant for his successor. The Levant consists of Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and part of southern Turkey.

“There will be no boots on the ground!” So what do you think you’ll do without the “boots on the ground”; you surely won’t win a guerrilla war without boots on the ground, dug in and ready to stop the encroachment of the enemy. Technology is cool. It’s all glitzy and shiny and has a place in conducting military operations. But a missile launched from a drone 10, 000 feet up will only create a crater. It won’t unmask a covert (ununiformed) combatant and bring him to justice. As learned in Vietnam, and now in Israel, you must root them out of tunnels, destroy their habitats and either convert them or kill them. If one fails you must go to the other because fanatics never change their fanaticism and they don’t accept negotiations because they see themselves as being always right. (Now you decide if I’m talking about ISIS/ISIL or Obama.)

Nobody likes war. Anybody does needs a head-check and some rehab in a controlled environment. But ISIS/ISIL started this crap. We’re addressing them, their barbarous conduct and drive to take over the world.

This war is a part of our present reality because a religion morphed into a political horror story. It devolved from a man wanting recognition of the monotheistic system he believed was the true faith but paralleled Judaism. When Judaism rejected him and his “holy word”, he got a bee in his bonnet (turban) and went off his rocker. He retreated to the desert and started teaching his “one true word” at sword point. Some of the revelations are scary as hell’s fire and hell’s fire is the promise revealed for those not converting to Islam.

All you must do to understand it is read the Qu’ran. It’s all there and taught to every Muslim child from birth. It’s not a matter can be debated. Its “holy word” is inviolate and unarguable; period.

That’s what we’re up against. Millions of people accept it, they live it and they’ll die for it.

So Obama speaking about “no boots on the ground”, turning the sacrifice of our heroes into a cliché is a matter formerly called: “Grasping at straws”. It’s a desperate attempt at looking as though you’re doing something when all you’re doing is delaying the inevitable. Obama should fear his base will grant him the legacy he deserves, that of becoming the next P.B.S Pinchback, the first African American Governor of Louisiana (for 15 days); a man relegated to the dustbin of historical trivia. (He was a Republican by the way.)

So, that’s why the cliché changed from “grasping at straws” to “grasping at Sawgrass”. If you grab Sawgrass because you’re sinking in the marsh muck you stirred up, you’ll shred your soft, tender hands and release it. Then you’ll grab and release over and over again until you sink into the mire.

Good luck with that Obama. You, as a lame duck, are sinking into the mire no matter how tightly you grasp the Sawgrass. It’s no more than a bloody mess.

Thanks for listening.

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