SARGE: Shouldn’t We Recognize The Enemy?

This is another exercise in free writing indicating the same old stuff if cluttering the world and it almost appears there’s nothing to new to talk about.

So be it. We’re stuck with wars we’re instructed to believe aren’t wars and a logistics question posed to the United States military: just how do you send people to deal with people seeking to kill us without putting “boots on the ground”? Has the military developed combat house-slippers? Or will the “International Community” contribute Swiss Yodelers wearing Dutch Clogs (wooden shoes) to advise people as to how you run in desert sands in the practical equivalent of Crocs for Jocks?

It should be interesting.

The thing I find comical is how our “diplomats” want to debate, in public, what they see as important. Then we must listen to them beat around the bush (that’s bush with a little ‘b’ [not beating up] on George W. Bush. Thank you) rather than simply recognize Fundamentalist Islamist elements invading, conquering and assassinating anybody doesn’t agree with them just might have a drive to assassinate the “diplomats”. The problem will suddenly develop a greater sense of immediacy when the Washingtonian Fat Cats’ chubby cheeks start singeing in the fires of a war they refuse to admit we’re involved in. There’s NO “in-country-fact-finding-junket” ever been designed to allow Representatives and Senators to experience the thrill of having bullets whiz past their heads; IEDs explode in close proximity to their vehicle they’re riding in and generally experience the joy of unremittent hatred pulsing from people seeing them as an infidel and wanting to conduct a bullet penetration test on their un-armored chests and heads.

But, personal awareness has always had its dangers.

Then you return to the Home front and find the guy masquerading as a president is working overtime to assure us our latest, greatest threat isn’t adherent to the foundational laws of the religio/political system Islam is.

Oka-a-a-a-a-y, fine! If they aren’t Muslims what exactly are they dumbass? They aren’t Mormons. They aren’t Presbyterians. I doubt sincerely they’re Jewish.

So, let’s see if we can get an idea of who they are by looking at their names. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Now, when you understand Obama doesn’t want to admit to anything affecting Syria, he calls the terrorists, ISIL. (See? He didn’t say we’d attack Syria. Whoop-d-doo!) But then we understand ISIS is a place where the evil-doers not only stage their operations but plan, recruit and train the Islamic soldiers practicing skin and throat integrity tests while time-stamping how long it takes to bleed-out a body; it seems obvious sooner or later we’re going to need to stop by and say “Hi”.

With our understanding there’s a politically correct (PC) way of addressing the problem we also understand PC clouds the issue. We need to look at the REAL name of the two allegedly different and confusing names.

OH LOOK! The first word of each name is the same! What can this mean? Let’s see. I-S-L-A-M-I-C. That indicates these two entities, no matter how hard Obama tries to lie his way out of it and misdirect our attention from the fact; ISLAM is the foundational identity of this/these states, Islamic People aka Muslims are members of these TERRORIST OPERATIONS.

It doesn’t say the Choco Chippy Puffs State in Syria. It doesn’t say the Tutti-fruity Rainbow Cereal State of Iraq and the Levant. It specifically and proudly says: ISLAMIC STATE.

Even Democrats can’t explain away Obama’s delusions any longer. In the words of a friend of mine who told me a story about a philanderer caught in the act; the man said to his wife, as he pulled up his drawers and walked past her: “are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes?”

No. I’m going to believe what I see and know and understand without out the septic spin Obama puts on it.

Islam, as practiced by Fundamentalist Whack jobs, IS THE ENEMY.

Now behave and prepare accordingly.

Thanks for listening.



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