SARGE: Obama Never Fails Me

Each day I arise to the sun shining, the birds chirping and the clear and present danger Obama will screw something else up before lunch. He never fails me.

Earlier in the week Obama said: “The world has always been messy. In part, we’re just noticing now because of social media and our capacity to see in intimate detail the hardships that people are going through.”

What’s the matter; can’t your Blackberry get the updates? Maybe you need to give it to Debbie Wasserman Schultz (it takes an infantile mind to operate such equipment while playing with herself) so you can meet the rest of us staring a debacle in the making on the horizon.

Oh! Just so you’re aware, the horizon starts in the east each day; you know; where ISIS/ISIL is acting up, heads roll and blood flows like a river in the streets.

In light of the fact you have a staff supposedly collecting intelligence concerning this problem, it might be a good idea to attend some of the Security and Intelligence briefings held at least daily before you hit the golf course. They have no LED advisory signs to tell you what’s happening in the world each day. Also, it’s NOT a good idea to let the world know, up front, you have NO strategy developed and obviously are too stupid to ask if the military has any plans in their portfolios.

Now, going beyond that, aren’t you the guy showed his acumen with portable social media devices in your first campaign? Isn’t it your campaign program started the system of notifications across social media to ignite spontaneous discussions and “flash-mob” activity designed to show just how “hip” and “with it” you were? I guess the idea of looking at the Blackberry once a day is too much now with you wandering the world, junketing and vacationing on the cape and fund raising at all four corners of the nation at any given moment. Have you forgotten you’re supposed to be the employee of ALL of the people of the United States and NOT just those with a net worth over a million dollars? Did you ever really know this?

Aren’t there aren’t enough signal bars available in Hyannis? Do we need to move some of the yachts out of the way? Maybe you just can’t understand the text displayed in Bostonian Brahmin font?

Obama’s inability to squirm out of this mess he’s created is delicious. With his statement we have no strategy to combat ISIS/ISIL he’s distanced the military from his politics. He’s made our military hierarchy look flat-footed, illiterate and retarded (Oh! I am so sorry! I’m supposed to say intellectually challenged as Chuck Hagel appears to be most of the time.)

And it does NOTHING to prove to us and the world that you (Obama) aren’t retarded as well. Again, I apologize for the use of the word but I respect people who are challenged and will NOT associate Obama with them. People who are challenged have an excuse and my admiration for their making the best of a situation and excelling in their efforts to accomplish something.

Obama doesn’t even try.

The British Prime Minister had to shoot a spark up Obama’s butt to make Obama see ISIS/ISIL is a dangerous, fanatical entity needing to be obliterated. But Obama wants to send, not mixed signals, but totally garbled transmissions such as: ‘destroy’ ISIS”, “degrade and destroy” and then says we want to make ISIS/ISIL a “manageable problem.”


I know his primary languages were Kenyan and Indonesian, and learned through steady recitations delivered by Frank Marshall and the selected readings of Karl Marx and Fidel Castro. But, Obama never seemed to grasp these men displayed supreme socialist directed intellect, but they were capable of initiating these thought processes followed by action.

Obama’s administration is noted for its fully engaged appreciation of inertia, not the dynamics of kinetic action.

And this is what we placed before the world as our representative. No wonder we’re in trouble and coming up from behind in a race quickly coming to the finish line.

Thanks for listening.

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