SARGE: Obama’s Making Shakespeare Out To Be A Visionary

William Makepeace Thackeray said and to which I make an addition: The world is a looking glass and gives back to every man the reflection of his own face unless he defines beauty to his own benediction. (my emphasis and addition)

Obama is falling flat on his face while addressing the UN General Assembly. It seems these people have come to recognize he’s a ruptured versus a lame duck. They also don’t look as though they know how to “put their hands together” in applause. He’s waiting for affirmation of his position on things. It isn’t happening.

He’s talking about dismantling this “network of death” and is working with a “broad coalition” while making sure he doesn’t commit troops to the region. It almost appears as though the headsets worn by the member representatives are broadcasting classical music or mood rhythms soothing them. They look asleep as Obama lectures the assembly on his thoughts concerning what God allows and what he doesn’t. Like God consults with him on anything.

Nobody is impressed. More’s the point; they appear disinterested and aloof.

This is a point needs understanding: as Obama has presented himself as the next “great communicator” he’s done so based only on the shallowness of his words and not the depth and strength of his character as did Reagan. The more Obama speaks the less we see done. He’s great at saying a lot of words meaning less than nothing because he doesn’t have the spine to stand on the power of his conviction because he has NO convictions.

The lack of assent and concurrence with his stated ideals comes from the fact he doesn’t even believe in the ideals he espouses. He doesn’t have a platform on which to base a foreign policy except the one looking more like a gallows for the dearth of articulable leadership he’s shown on the global stage. It’s arguable his appearance before the UN is an embarrassment more than a PR effort winning over the world. Nobody seems invested in the idea of following a man having no idea where he’s going other than down the yellow brick road to OZ.

ISIS/ISIL must be recognized as the threat it is. It must be banded against and hunted down as the animals they are. The must be recognized as Islamic Radicals, not hijacking a religion but more propelling it in a fundamentalist interpretation of a malignant ideology more a political statement than a religious dogma. ISIS/ISIL is being supplanted in the media by a new group: Khorasan.

This  newly recognized group, only known because of their newest appellation shows something Obama doesn’t want to recognize: this Islamic Terrorist program is a like a cancer metastasizing, spreading throughout the global body. This latest entity; whether an off-shoot of ISIS/ISIL or al Qaeda or the Arab League or the Muslim Brotherhood indicates the deadly illness terrorism is and can worsen with time. Simply refusing to accept the diagnosis because it’s unacceptable and somehow politically incorrect is delaying the treatment necessary to save the patient.

This is where our greatest jeopardy resides: inside the fecklessness and irresolution of our chief executive having no desire to strengthen the world’s immunity against the disease terrorism is and always will be. His refusal to attack before this, his drive to assure the world Islam is a “religion of peace” when all evidence is to the contrary, his overblown reliance on baseless rhetoric to conceal his inability to direct and his incompetence in what little actions he takes has placed us in the crosshairs of a vile, violent and virulent terror operation camouflaged by the screen of religiosity concealing the weaponry hate is at times.

It’s expected Obama will herald his impotent performance before the UN as a triumph seeking placement into history’s governance. It should be buried in history’s archival dust bin and registered as another attempt by a witless charlatan no more than: “a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.

Who knew Shakespeare was such a visionary?

Thanks for listening.



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