SARGE: The Wheels On The Bus

“The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round, ‘round and ‘round; the wheels on the bus go ‘round and all through the town.”   – Nursery rhyme

One of the axioms of politics in Washington is to avoid the bus lines. This would be because sooner or later Obama’s going to throw you under the damned thing. Witness the fact it’s never his fault for anything happens during his administration. Now, it’s James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, who’s inspecting the tread depth and undercarriage of the bus as it passes over his career.

In light of the fact Obama has rejected attending his Presidential Daily Briefing over 42% of the time during his administration we must check to see if there’s anything this president will acknowledge as his responsibility. But, that’s a waste of time (as this presidency has been) for us to expect differing results from making the same mistake twice.

Somebody said Obama prefers to read his daily reports on his iPad. That would require he turn it on once in a while. The other problem is in the fact you can’t ask questions of computer tablets and get an honest answer no matter how intrusive Google’s intelligence gathering is. Tablets are a little bit short on understanding nuance and specifics of what our enemies are doing.

Oops! I never meant to say ISIS/ISIL and the Khorasan group are enemies grown huge in such a short time as has been supplied by Hussein Obama. After all, Islam is a religion of peace. That’s correct if you accept it’s a “piece” of you here and a “piece” of you there…

It’s possible Obama’s obvious addiction and dependency on the game of golf to soothe his frazzled nerves and enjoying the pastoral landscape is the problem. Anything gets between him and the tee is in danger of getting whacked with a driver. But, lord knows the man has so many pressures to contend with. If I was married to Michelle I’d be distracted too. (Shudder!)

But, Clapper is the latest excuse for a failed politician running a failed presidency. Clapper‘s been a good soldier. He’s stood straight and tall and lied and twisted testimony as he’s been commanded to do every time he’s appeared before Congress. And, he’s done it with a straight face is the part that’s most impressive. But, let’s admit one thing: Clapper is a spy; and as a spy he’s expected to lie to everybody EXCEPT the president.

But Obama isn’t a man believes he should supervise his minions. He has supervisors to supervise those needing supervision except for the fact Obama is the one needs supervision and as president is not expected to be supervised. That sentence was deliberately “run-on” to make a point. It’s a tedious statement and one not really deserving of your attention. It’s much like Obama’s idea you can sit on the throne without challenge. But you can’t continually feed the people with the promise of cake rather than sustaining them with leadership, diplomacy and a statesman-like demeanor.

Obama prefers to be removed from the daily issues cluttering his appointment calendar. He expects people to know instinctively he doesn’t want to be involved. If he was involved he could actually be nailed to the wall for his ineffectiveness and lack of command of what affects America most.

So, he simply blames his appointees for the fact he couldn’t give a smaller damn than he already does for what’s best for America and her people. To him it just doesn’t matter. He’ll fundamentally change America with his indifference and aloof nature. Where he’s an expert organizer, he’s a poor administrator. Where he’s a great orator (at least in his mind; he’s slipping a little bit since he’s lost all credibility) he’s removed from the heart of America through his diatribe and his tenacious drive to appear greater than he’ll ever be.

Obama threw Clapper under the bus. Clapper is no more than the slick spot where Obama showed his disloyalty to his minions and America once more.

“The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round…”

Thanks for listening.

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