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Monday is the day when we get to appreciate what the fools controlling Washington D.C. have said in the Lamestream Media. Obama said flat-out he never called ISIS/ISIL the “jayvee squad”. The media won’t do their job of reporting the news honestly, dispassionately and without agenda. We say: ROLL THE TAPE! But that would require the media remember where they placed their integrity, a daunting task in the best of times.

America was developed from the influences of European culture. French, English, Dutch, Norse and a catalogue of divergent nations were blended in a stew pot more akin to a cauldron. Many of the foreign nationals contributed words, phrases and the communicative “spice” creating a wonderful jargon we know as language today. But little did we know; our American culture would fall prey to the same problems all great social and political entities suffer: the growth of partisan government and that government’s drive to dissociate itself from its constituents to form a culture and language of its own.

Years ago I was told by a local politician feeling the need to bring me forth from my idiocy and salvage my soul so I may support him in his drive to be the propellant force behind government in this hamlet we both inhabit. He told me: “the reason people in government all have money is because their money allows them the time to dedicate their efforts to governing.” He of course included himself in this august assemblage of the governmental Illuminati. It didn’t matter he was about as principled as a hungry gator and as pleasant a person as a Water Moccasin with a toothache; he was sure he was ordained by God to lead us all to the Promised Land.

This is where we come to the point of recognizing the duplicitous talents of Obama and his short-sighted, disengaged, misspeaking and confabulating staff working overtime to distract, disrupt and disengage from the people they find dysfunctional in their appreciation of their autocratic and elitist administration.

I said all of that in the manner I did to show the use of vernacular to confuse the issue. The fact is the overabundance of words distracts from the message. The choice of words, or vernacular, confuses the issue if it softens or misdirects the thought. Vernacular is a dialect; a form of a tongue spoken by members of a social class or profession. It’s the language of a class; and in this case a class thinking it’s above and beyond the needs of the people put them where they are.

All I said was Obama and his staff, lie. 46 words versus 5 words. And, the words chosen in the first instance were selected specifically to draw your attention away from and obscure the 5 word message could have told the truth.

Over the weekend Obama appeared on Meet the Press (MTP), a once excellent format of political discourse and debate used to get government policy explained to the American people. It was a storied venue for non-partisan reportage of politician’s stances on issues. Now, it is no more, It’s more a platform for progressive politicians to seek air-time before the cameras and establish their reputations as sage and capable public advocates.

Recently, MTP took on the appearance dog droppings. It can look like peanut butter until you get close enough to smell it. But this week, Chuck Todd was the new host allowed Obama to show his true strengths. That would be none folk. Obama has no strengths once he must speak extemporaneously or off the cuff i.e. without a Teleprompter® or an earbud connected to an aide telling him what to say.

Take this like gem as an example: “I should’ve anticipated the optics,” Obama said in an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” set to air Sunday. “Part of this job is also the theater of it,” Obama said, adding that “it’s not something that always comes naturally to me.  But it matters.”

“The president had been on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard Aug. 20 when he appeared before assembled reporters and pronounced himself “heartbroken” over Foley’s beheading by fighters for the Islamic State militant group in Syria. Minutes after his remarks, Obama arrived at a golf course, where he played a round with several friends…”                                                                           David Nakamura (9-7-2014) Washington Post  

There is NO theater in this. There is Pomp and Circumstance in the presentation and courtship of international diplomacy. But, there should be NO theater when speaking of our pain and suffering at the death of a citizen executed because he’s an American telling the truth of barbarians’ atrocities.

Obama’s theatrics show the depths this charlatan we call a president has sunk unto. The fool goes on to show us his lack of integrity by saying: “I should’ve anticipated the optics”. Why would you need to “anticipate” the “OPTICS” if you weren’t more worried about how things would be seen as you cavorted with friends and financial allies on a golf course?  You said you were “broken hearted” not moments before you departed to play golf. You’re a fraud Obama: always were, always will be.

On OPTICS I would say this: sometimes you get it wrong because you mistakenly failed to do something right. Other times you do wrong because you choose what’s expedient and best for you; you choose to not do what’s right. And in that minor difference is the where political vernacular leads us astray from truth.

Thanks for listening.



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