School Vouchers Are Saving Louisianans Millions

The Louisiana Scholarship Program is saving the state millions of dollars, according to a new report by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice (FFEC).

Essentially, the school voucher program allows low-income students who are at failing schools (C-, D or F) to apply for a voucher to attend a high quality private school.

According to the FFEC report, in the first two years of school voucher program, the program saved Louisianans $12,656,527. And this only accounted for Orleans and Jefferson Parish, as those were the first two parishes to implement the program. Now, though, the school voucher program is functioning statewide.

Here is a breakdown of the state’s savings because of the school voucher program:

Year Number of voucher students Total voucher cost Total per-pupil cost Total net savings
2008-09 624 $2,406,144 $5,158,235 $2,752,091
2009-10 1,194 5,134,200 9,758,844 4,624,644
2010-11 1,678 7,707,054 12,986,846 5,279,792
TOTAL 12,656,527

Across the country, the school voucher programs have saved approximately $1.7 billion over a 20 year period. Here’s a full chart of the 10 school voucher programs in place between 1990 and 2010. It includes the first school voucher program launched in the city of Milwaukee.


State and Program Name Year Launched Total Savings to 2010-11
 Wisconsin – Milwaukee Parental Choice Program 1990-91 $238,487,986
 Ohio – Cleveland Scholarship Program 1996-97 $308,085,383
 Florida – John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with    Disabilities Program 1999-00 $836,477,010
 Florida – Opportunity Scholarships 1999-00 $2,898,032
 D.C. – Opportunity Scholarship Program 2004-05 $21,653,621
 Ohio – Autism Scholarship Program 2004-05 $57,349,913
 Utah – Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarship Program 2005-06 $3,035,158
 Ohio – Educational Choice Scholarship Program 2006-07 $172,190,490
 Georgia – Georgia Special Needs Scholarship Program 2007-08 $51,030,401
 Louisiana – Louisiana Scholarship Program 2008-09 $12,656,527
Cumulative Savings    $1,717,587,628



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