Vitter Dances On Holder’s Professional Grave

You’ll see lots of this in the next few days from Republicans. Sen. David Vitter is the first one out of the gate. He’s been waiting for this day a good while.

“I can’t think of any AG in history who has attacked Louisiana more than Holder,” Vitter said. “He’s tried to defund a Louisiana youth program because students prayed, sued to block voucher scholarships going to poor kids in failing schools, and threatened the release of Louisiana voters’ personal information. I’m proud to have voted against his Senate confirmation.”

Vitter has questioned the political bias of the Attorney General’s office under Holder’s leadership on a number of occasions.

In October 2013, Vitter called on Holder to justify why he and DOJ were suing Louisiana over the statewide voucher program. Holder’s lawsuit attempted to return 570 low-income children to failing schools, on the grounds that it is more important to preserve a school’s racial make-up. For example, the Justice Department argues that six African-American children should be returned to a failing elementary school to change the school from 29.2 percent to 30.1 percent African-American.

In July 2013, Vitter called for Holder to end the Department of Justice’s religious censorship of the Bossier Parish Young Marines’ Program. DOJ attempted to shut down the youth program because students were allowed a moment of silence in which they could choose to pray before each class.

In 2011, Vitter asked the DOJ to be consistent in their efforts to enforce the National Voter Registration Act. In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Vitter highlighted that DOJ filed a lawsuit against Louisiana alleging the state has not complied with Section 7 of NVRA yet has done nothing to enforce Section 8 in other states. Section 7 of NVRA requires certain government offices, such as those who provide welfare assistance, to provide voter registration forms. Section 8 requires states to conduct voter roll cleaning to purge ineligible felons, illegal aliens and deceased voters from corrupting the election process. The two provisions act together as counterparts.

Curly Bill Brocius had a similar reaction…



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