SARGE: The Wicked Ding-Dong Is Dead, And So On

I’m stunned. I believed I was living under sanctions by my God and higher power. But now, I have hope for my forgiveness.

Eric Holder will resign as Attorney General of the United States of America. There’s no more wonderful news other than his lord and savior Beaurat Obama has had a major case of the scours.

I’m jubilant. Only finding out Joan Rivers was right about Michelle could make me feel giddier. Only determining Beaurat himself is a flaming something-or-other could make me giggle more. But then if he admitted to having been born, not in Hawaii but rather in the Yukon where he was ignored and dismissed in the winter covering of snow white expanse as just another Buffalo chip could make me roll on the floor laughing harder.

Holder has done more in the relatively short, yet seemingly interminable timeframe of six years to, destroy the Constitution with his willful avoidance of its principles, his rejection of its tenets and his dismissal of the rule of law in America under his watch, than anyone ever has.

He’s a man of accomplishment. He’s the first Attorney General to be found in contempt of Congress. He’s alienated a voter base by rejecting the fact ANYBODY: white, black, Asian, Hispanic or whatever can be capable of criminality. He’s pandered for the political purpose of enlisting minorities such as illegally immigrant Hispanic people in the Democrat Party by overlooking and REJECTING THE ENFORCEMENT OF UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAW.

He’s denigrated the law enforcement community as a whole with his statements and attitudes of “distrusting the police”. With the poor attitude and comportment he’s shown because of his attitude attracting the police to do their job; and the fact he thinks because he’s a lawyer (poor and unqualified as he seems to be by what we’ve seen so far) he thinks being stopped for a traffic violation is in every instance a case of racial profiling. In fact he thinks anytime a cop stops anybody other than a Caucasian is an act of overt racism.

Mr. Holder: get over it stupid you aren’t that damned important for a cop to risk a civil rights violation just because you don’t like being bothered. And on the subject of Civil Rights violations I’d ask: just why were the intimidating tactics of the New Black Panthers electioneering outside of a polling center not a civil rights violation. If Caucasians did it you’d be looking for hoods and sheets all over the place. But because the malefactors wore berets and black leather they’re leading a global cause for good.

Holder has used the power of the Department of Justice to intimidate the news media for seeking the truth is further evidence he doesn’t have a clue what America is about. We don’t allow petty bureaucrats, no matter the elegance of their title, to threaten our citizens for exercising rights guaranteed under the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We don’t allow misdirected and fraudulently acquired Search Warrants to obtain e-mails and surreptitiously obtained subpoenas to invade the privacy of those with whom we disagree. We don’t allow arrogant politically debased subordinates to pervert our system of justice for their personal gain as they seek to make you smile.

Holder’s radicalization of the Department of Justice has corrupted a once noble cabinet position to be degraded to the point of being a second rate Gestapo or a third rate KGB wannabee.

I haven’t even addressed Holder’s obvious interference and obstruction of justice in the matters of Fast and Furious (the gun running scandal) and the Benghazi Investigations seeking to discover if political interference caused the deaths of four civil servants and warriors seeking to protect United States’ interests. Or the fact he’s allowed his unqualified boss to break, bend, mutilate, ignore or fail to enforce the laws protecting the people from a de facto invasion of illegal aliens, drug cartel operatives and gang-related people.

Holder: you’re a blatant racist and divisive and derisive and destructive in your deportment and lack of character. Seeing you leave office will be one of my greatest thrills.

Thanks for listening.

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