Clinton Campaigns For Minimum Wage, Universal Pre-School At Landrieu Rally

There were just a few talking points that former President Bill Clinton used when campaigning for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) at a rally today. So here’s a summary what Clinton rallied about thanks to live updates from

First, Clinton said that the polls, which Landrieu is constantly down in, are not all that important. Landrieu has been down in polling time and time again when it comes down to a run-off with Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA).

There was then a random mention about Islamic terrorism and soon after a couple comments about how the economy is finally coming back around. It only took six years for the Obama administration.

Again, there was a couple of random comments about Ebola and how it is a “personal” issue for Clinton because he knows people who are stationed there. It is just like a Clinton to make a worldwide epidemic all about them.

Clinton mocked the LAGOP and Cassidy’s efforts to align Landrieu with President Obama, though the longtime Democrat has voted with Obama 97 percent of the time on all issues.

“You just got one more chance to vote against him. You gotta take it.” – Bill Clinton, making fun of the argument that the Republicans are making against Landrieu. Basically, he is poking fun at the Republican pushing “Landrieu as Obama”.

Clinton also mentioned the usual talking points about how Republicans only want the top to succeed while the poor get poorer. Rich for Clinton to bring up, considering he’s become a 1 percent-er off the public’s money.

Then came the comments about universal pre-school, another random subject that does not have much to do with the current state of Louisiana. While Clinton and Landrieu support universal pre-school, they both oppose the state’s voucher system, which allows thriving students at failing schools to apply at thriving schools.

Next were the comments about the minimum wage, in which Clinton rallied for an increase in the federal minimum wage. This issue is another talking point out of the playbook this election cycle for Democrats.

Lastly, Clinton discussed the state’s refusal to accept the Medicaid expansion that comes along with Obamacare, which is a program a majority of the state is against. Landrieu has been hammered by her opponents for her support of the healthcare initiative, though Clinton claimed at the end that Landrieu was a “bipartisan” figure in Washington.

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