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“Years of disappointment and tension between Democrats and their president are now on open display as politicians, party leaders and strategists worried about their chances in the midterm elections begin casting about for someone to blame.” – Bloomberg

The liberal verdict on the age of Obama has been written. It may change with history, but for now the Hope and Change period will be praised for its idealism and its innovative political organizing, but dismissed for its policy incompetence and its inability to listen to voices outside its bubble. It was an elitist phenomenon whose diversity was faked with media imagery and the party will now work to try and recapture its lost position among the rest of the country, particularly among white Democrats.” – Sultan Knish

“Anticipating a takeover of Congress, Republicans have assembled an economic agenda that reflects their small-government, antiregulation philosophy, but also suggests internal divisions that could hinder a united front against President Obama — much as happened in the 1990s, when a Republican-led Congress confronted President Bill Clinton.” – NY Times

The administration has a basic problem, here: to wit, it’s publicly committed – and more importantly, linked to – a particular and specific stance on immigration issues*. Said stance is more or less anathema to a section of the population that plans to vote this November; and said population is clumped in areas where said anathema will have a disproportionate impact. On the other hand, abandoning that stance will be anathema to another section of the population; and that section has already made it clear that they are not going to simply supinely accept the status quo. In short: one way or the other, this administration is going to make somebody mad over immigration.” – RedState

“California’s Department of Managed Health Care has ordered all insurance plans in the state to immediately begin covering elective abortion. Not Plan B. Not contraceptives. Elective surgical dismemberment abortion.” – The Federalist

“The U.S. Treasury Department says Islamic State (IS) militants are earning about $1 million a day just from black market oil sales.” – Fox News

“It turns out that there’s a law in economics known as the first fundamental law of demand, to which there are no known real-world exceptions. The law states that the higher the price of something the less people will take of it and vice versa. Another way of stating this very simple law is: There exists a price whereby people can be induced to take more of something, and there exists a price whereby people will take less of something.” – Walter Williams/Townhall

“The political press had a hearty chuckle at the expense of the Palins when it first broke that the former first family of Alaska was involved in an alcohol-fueled brawl. The ‘thrilla in Wasilla,’ some called it. One might, however, have expected the laughter to die down after local police released audio of Bristol Palin who described through hysterical tears how she had been assaulted, dragged through the grass, and robbed. It did not.” – Hot Air

“What we have here is either the greatest troll on a political candidate ever to happen during an off-cycle, or the worst social media strategy by a political candidate doomed to lose a celebrity run for governor. As I mentioned above, account that posted the tweet Davis reposted has been deleted, which means that whoever ran the account got either very nervous or very embarrassed at all the attention their tweet received.” – Legal Insurrection

“Bobby Griffin Jr. was wanted on murder charges. His next-door neighbor on Peck Street, Joseph Adams, wasn’t. But that didn’t stop the SWAT team from knocking down his door, setting his home on fire, roughing him up, keeping him tied up in his underwear for nearly three hours, and treating the New Haven man, who is gay, to a nance show as officers taunted him with flamboyantly effeminate mannerisms. If the events detailed in Mr. Adams’s recently filed lawsuit are even remotely accurate, the episode was a moral violation and, arguably, a crime.” – Kevin Williamson/National Review


“Louisiana has seen an increase in two groups of registered voters — African Americans and people who don’t want to be identified as Democrats or Republicans — in the weeks leading up to the Nov. 4 election.” – NOLA.com

“L’auberge Casino and Hotel officially joined the city of Baton Rouge on Wednesday night after the Metro Council voted to approve its petition for annexation.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Aside from approving petitions to annex land from L’Auberge Casino & Hotel and LSU into the City of Baton Rouge, the Metro Council kicked several significant issues down the road on Wednesday evening.” – Baton Rouge Business Report

“Just minutes after extolling the virtues of green living to thousands gathered in the Superdome in New Orleans, climate change pals Tom Steyer, a hedge fund billionaire, and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley left the confab in the least environmentally friendly vehicle possible — a Chevrolet Suburban.” – Watchdog.org

“The mother of Baton Rouge state Sen. Dan Claitor died late Wednesday night after she was injured in a Saturday crash on Airline Highway in Ascension Parish, Louisiana State Police said.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

But this year might really be different.  For the first time, Landrieu trails badly as we approach the November primary.  Her saving grace in 2008 – historically high black turnout – seems unlikely to materialize this cycle, while her saving grace in 2002 – a runoff coalition that favored her – seems impossible to re-create.” – Sean Trende/RealClear Politics

“New Orleans teachers and principals were rated less effective than the state norm in 2013-14, according to data released Wednesday (Oct. 22). Principal scores improved from 2013; teacher ratings barely moved.” – NOLA.com

“Most Louisiana Democrats maintain that they are not worried about Guillory and his PAC peeling away the black vote—he’s spent too many years as an outlier to have a constituency. Even Guillory’s conversion story is unrelatable, dating to his outrage at a comment that simply doesn’t outrage other black voters. In May 2013, Democratic Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, the chair of the state party, told her colleagues that the failure of Obamacare in the Louisiana legislature was “down to the race of the president of the United States.” Guillory, who’d actually voted with the losing side and tried to expand Medicaid in the state, was thinking about bailing on his party when his iPhone started to ring.” – Bloomberg

“Which candidate has the lead in Louisiana’s closely watched U.S. Senate race can boil down to how pollsters interpret their numbers.The FOX 8 News/Raycom Media poll of 605 registered voters illustrates that point, giving incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu the edge over Republican challenger Bill Cassidy, 36% to 32%. Rob Maness garners six percent in the poll by Multi-Quest, Int’l.” – Fox 8 Live

“For a conservative, rural district like Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District, hunter support is important for any candidate. It helps when those hunters have deep pockets.” – NOLA.com

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