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“Senate candidate Rob Maness’ campaign is accusing Louisiana Republican Party chairman Roger Villere of coercing up-and-coming members of the party by threatening to withhold support if they didn’t switch and back the party’s preferred candidate, Rep. Bill Cassidy.” – NOLA.com

“A former campaign manager for Senate candidate Rob Maness is striking at the Republican contender’s tea party support, saying Maness only sought to appeal to conservative organizations because he needed money for his campaign.” – AP

“Former Sorrento Mayor and Town Councilman Wilson Longanecker Jr. was arrested Thursday in a multiagency child pornography sting and was led to jail from his home less than a mile from Town Hall, providing one more blow to a town trying to overcome a string of events that have been, at turns, disturbing and embarrassing.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“According to reports, Republican Bill Cassidy is hitting Democrat Mary Landrieu hard in a new ad based upon her weak record on immigration. That would certainly jibe with the latest from Cassidy’s official campaign blog.” – Breitbart

“President Barack Obama has made a rare, if unsurprising, wade into Louisiana politics by endorsing U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-New Orleans, in his re-election effort.” – NOLA.com

“State health officials are monitoring a New Orleans area man for signs of the deadly Ebola virus, a Department of Health and Hospitals spokeswoman confirmed Thursday.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) promised to oppose any executive orders to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants already in the country on Thursday’s ‘Laura Ingraham Show.'” – Breitbart

“Mayor Mitch Landrieu turned his media room lectern into a bully pulpit Thursday (Oct. 23) to stump for his picks on a crowded Nov. 4 ballot.” – NOLA.com

“The California company planning a $9.3 billion natural gas liquefaction facility in Cameron Parish hopes to fund the project by selling stock in the venture. SCT&E LNG’s first step will be to raise $40 million from a select group of investor over the next few weeks, according to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Greg Michaels.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“Hammond Police are searching for a man and a woman who are accused of trying to sell a girl around 10 years old at RaceTrac on Highway 190 Friday morning.” – WAFB


“The hatchet-wielding man who attacked four New York Police Department officers earlier today and was then shot dead by police may have had ties to ISIS, sources tell Vocativ.” – Vocativ

“Like 98 percent of Americans, I’ve heard the news about Ebola. I’ve even followed the news with interest for months, taking seriously the media claims that this was a serious outbreak that had potential to become even more serious.” – Mollie Hemingway/The Federalist

“Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, can’t name a single competitive Senate race that President Barack Obama is campaigning in.” – Bloomberg

“Last night, in a speech some are calling the most important foreign policy address in decades, Senator Rand Paul said ‘Admiral Mike Mullen, then the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, put it succinctly: the biggest threat to our national security is our debt.’” – Rare

“There isn’t a serious candidate running for office on the notion President Barack Obama should be impeached. Lynching, thankfully, is a disgraceful piece of history, not a current event. But you wouldn’t know that if you listened to some of the Democrats seeking re-election in a midterm environment tilting against them. The race card has begun to rear its head in state elections. Even in places where Democrats are almost a lock to win, campaign literature with distasteful and dishonest claims is popping up.” – James Varney/NOLA.com

“Rob Stein is the founder of the Democracy Alliance, an umbrella a group that organizes the funding of left-wing causes by rich liberals and interest groups. In The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado by Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer, at page 7, Stein explains candidly what politics is all about for the Left:” – Power Line

“Until yesterday, the biggest danger hipsters posed to our quiet culture was the possibility that they’d bring back farmer overalls and fanny packs and keep Pabst Blue Ribbon in business. While many of us understood the cultural havoc that people with organic cheese fetishes and New Wave record collections were to the society at large, we were fairly certain that, while industrial modern would become a much more pervasive trend than anticipated, it would hardly lead to a gruesome and painful death (unless, of course, you are one of the chosen few who actually attempt to install edison bulbs in your household fixtures).” – American Spectator

“Michelle Obama made yet another flub on the campaign trail Thursday when she apparently confused Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall with his Republican rival.” – Fox News

“A new Public Policy Institute of California poll reveals that the huge lead California Governor Jerry Brown holds over his challenger, Neel Kashkari, can be attributed to one salient factor: Brown’s massive lead among Latino voters. The poll’s data show Brown is winning 73% of votes from Latinos, as opposed to 19% for Kashkari.” – Breitbart

“Via Eugene Volokh comes some welcome news for watchers of First Amendment jurisprudence, as the Sixth Circuit has decided to rehear a ‘heckler’s veto’ case concerning an incident that happened a couple years ago in Michigan. Briefly summarized, the city of Dearborn, MI, which has a large Arab American population, annually holds an Arab International Festival that is free and open to the public. As such, in First Amendment terms, it is a ‘traditional public forum’ and thus speakers there are entitled to the highest levels of First Amendment protections.” – RedState



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