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“Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn warns there could be not only a political firestorm but acts of civil disobedience and even violence in reaction to President Obama’s executive order on immigration Thursday.” – USA Today

“A group of Republican governors tore into President Barack Obama on Wednesday over his forthcoming immigration directive and threatened to sue him for breaking the law. ‘I would go to the courts,’ Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday during an annual retreat for the party’s chief executives. ‘This is illegal.'” – UK Daily Mail

“House appropriators walked out of a Monday-evening meeting in the Capitol with the understanding that their plan to ‘clear the decks’ by funding government for the next year is caught in a sand trap. What’s stymied them is President Obama’s determination to implement his preferred immigration policies by executive orders — and the insistence of conservative members of their own party that Congress use the power of the purse to thwart them.” – National Review

“There is one tiny exception to the broadcast networks passing on the opportunity to carry Obama’s speech, however. While none of the major broadcast networks will cover Obama’s speech live, there is one network that will: Univision. And Obama’s address just happens to air right before the Latin Grammy Awards.” – Hot Air

“One of the ideas that plunged America into the bloody Civil War was the belief that federal laws could be nullified by those who disagree with them. Senator John C. Calhoun of South Carolina was a chief proponent of the doctrine that Southern states could nullify federal laws if states disagreed with them. In announcing a lawless amnesty edict tonight, President Obama is our modern John C. Calhoun.” – J. Christian Adams/PJ Media

“President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration hasn’t even been issued yet, and already congressional Republicans are desperately trying to come up with reasons why they’re powerless to do anything about it.” – Sean Davis/The Federalist

“The Republican nomination for the presidency in 2016 may be Scott Walker’s to lose. If your response, as it might be, is ‘Scott Who?,’ then you’re not paying attention yet.” – John Podhoretz/NY Post

“Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.” – NY Times

“The Pentagon is under fire for making a ransom payment to an Afghan earlier this year as part of a failed bid to win the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, according to U.S. officials.” – Washington Times

NAACP has yet to congratulate, acknowledge, or even attack Scott, Love, and Hurd — now America’s three most powerful elected black Republicans. What you hear is the silence of the Colored People. Despite ten separate requests for comment on this ‘advancement of colored people,’ I could not squeeze a consonant out of NAACP’s Baltimore headquarters, its Washington, D.C., office, or even its Hollywood bureau.” – Deroy Murdock/National Review


“The race for a seat on the Public Service Commission in Louisiana rarely generates headlines, even though the PSC in Louisiana, unlike in most states, actually has some legislative authority.” – Kevin Boyd/R Street

“‘Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal … is already acting like a candidate, touting his education reforms, courting the evangelical vote by hosting a huge pastors’ conference next January, and attacking Hillary Clinton for being partisan on Ebola,’ said Politico about the governor.” – NOLA.com

“The National Rifle Association and deep-pocketed groups affiliated with wealthy conservatives have bombarded Louisiana with more than $3 million in advertising, mailers and phone calls since Election Day to sink Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu in Louisiana’s runoff.” – Alexandria Town Talk

“Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s latest TV ad is again attacking Republican Bill Cassidy — this time declaring Cassidy ‘not cool.’” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“This is a campaign season, and symbolism means a lot,” said Eyewitness News Political Analyst Clancy DuBos. “I’m pretty sure this is not a good thing for her campaign. I think it’s safe to say that.” – WWL-TV

“The invitation said a $75 ticket would go to help the homeless and disabled. But the reality is the money from those tickets only went to fund a big party that, records show, basically had to be supplemented with taxpayer dollars. How does the non-profit Alternatives Living justify a high-dollar costume ball?” – Fox 8 Live

“Attorneys for Gov. Bobby Jindal and the federal government sparred Thursday over whether the governor has the right to sue the U.S. Department of Education over Common Core academic standards and accompanying tests that Jindal once supported but now opposes.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“In late January, Bobby Jindal released his proposed state Operating Budget for the current fiscal year (FY15). Much was made about Jindal graciously providing more funding to Higher Education after reducing funding by over $700 Million.” – Forgotston

“A Louisiana pro-marijuana group has endorsed Republican Senate candidate Bill Cassidy in his bid to unseat U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, according to a WWL-TV report.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

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