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“Just six years ago, this extra thumb in the eye to a loyal Democratic voting base would have been unthinkable, but Hispanics are the new dominant minority in American politics. In the future, the black vote is going to be less and less necessary to Democrats, which means they will be taken for granted even more than they have been. Loyalty in politics lasts only as long as the last election.” – Derek Hunter/Townhall

“‘This is how democracy works,’ Barack Obama lectured the country before giving everyone the specifics of his expansive one-man executive overreach on immigration. If you enjoy platitudinous straw men but are turned off by open debate and constitutional order, this speech was for you.” – David Harsanyi/The Federalist

“Under Obama, we have government by Castor Oil. They know more than us. They are our betters. The more we complain, the more we prove them right, because we are stupid and if a stupid person opposes something, then a smart person should embrace it.” – Don Surber

“FDR famously characterized December 7, 1941, as a date that would live in infamy because of Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor that day. By the same token, Barack Obama’s willful attack on the Constitution marks today as a date that will live in infamy because of the president’s willful violation of the limits on his power.” – Power Line

“But King and others are pointing out that there is another way for Congress to move against a president who has put himself above the law. And it’s one that Democrats once favored as a means of dealing with Bill Clinton’s perjury under oath and subsequent cover-up of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. None other than Nancy Pelosi proposed that the House censure Bill Clinton, rather than impeach him. She and other House Democrats backed a resolution declaring that President Clinton ‘fully deserves the censure and condemnation of the American people and the Congress.'” – John Fund/National Review

“The last 400 years of Anglo-American political history can be read as a successful effort to establish and maintain a system tethering the executive to the law. What President Obama is contemplating will undermine that achievement, both through his own lawlessness and the precedent he will create for subsequent presidents to operate by extra-legal fiat.” – Rich Lowry/POLITICO

“President Obama promised a post-racial America. He has created a Most Racial America. Democrats are about to pay for his choice to push people apart, instead of bringing them together.” – Don Surber

Republicans initiated legal action against the Obama administration Friday over its use of executive authority, an issue that helped galvanize the GOP to victory in the Nov. 15 midterm elections.” – The Hill

“Joan Tarshis, in 1969 a nineteen-year-old comedy writer, thought she knew the Bill Cosby she knew on television. He broke character by allegedly plying her with flattery, booze, and drugs before plying her with him.” – American Spectator

“While we obsess over the decades-old supposed sexual misconduct of an elderly sitcom star, another Bill, one who never had the titular role in an iconic 80′s TV show but who did have an arguably more important job for an even longer period of time, continues to escape scrutiny for his own alleged misdeeds. I’m talking of course about Bill Nye the Science Guy. Wait, wrong Bill. No, it was Bill Clinton.” – Matt Walsh/The Blaze


“A new poll has GOPRep. Bill Cassidy up by 15 points over Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu ahead of their Dec. 6 runoff for U.S. Senate in Louisiana.” – Washington Times

“One person is dead and three people are injured after an oil platform explosion less than 20 miles off the coast of Louisiana, according to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.” – WWL-TV

“The GOP is looking at every option to ‘block’ and ‘push back’ President Barack Obama’s far-reaching executive amnesty order that he will disclose to Americans during a Thursday night television broadcast, Louisiana Sen. David Vitter said Thursday on Newsmax TV’s ‘America’s Forum.'” – Newsmax

“Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Benton, won a gavel in the 26th Judicial District in the best way imaginable in 2014: without opposition. The biggest splash made so far from those lining up for the resulting special election comes from constitutional law attorney Mike Johnson, who has picked up an endorsement from Congressman John Fleming. Another possible candidate is Duke Lowrie, a retired fireman who lost to Thompson in 2011.” – LAPolitics.com

“Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) told reporters on Monday night that she had the 60 votes she needed to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline. But secretly, she knew she was one short.” – The Hill

“The measure, which amends the city’s already-existing smoking ordinances under its Smoke-Free Air Act, prohibits not only cigarettes but all tobacco products, including electronic smoking devices, hookahs and ‘natural or synthetic marijuana’ and ‘other plant products’ in bars, casinos, private clubs, correctional facilities and other ‘public’ areas, including workplaces and school campuses, colleges and specialty schools. District A City Councilwoman Susan Guidry co-sponsored the measure.” – New Orleans Gambit

“A West Monroe legislator is asking the state’s top elections official to re-instate the full week of early voting in advance of the Dec. 6 elections.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“But those residents, and all other city water users, are being charged tens of thousands of dollars each year – possibly more – to pay for take-home vehicles for 108 Sewerage & Water Board employees, or roughly one of every 10 agency workers, a review by NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune and WVUE Fox 8 News found.” – NOLA.com

“Mayoral run-off candidate Ollie Tyler announced recently that she would not participate in any debates or candidate forums prior to the Dec. 6 runoff election.” – Royal Alexander/Shreveport Times

“Shreveport police continued their investigation Friday into death of a man who pulled a gun on two Centenary College of Louisiana public safety officers. Cpl. Marcus Hines says the unidentified man struggled Thursday evening with the two officers while being escorted off the campus.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

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