Meet New Orleans’ Nanny-State Councilwoman Who Wants To Run Your Life: LaToya Cantrell

In contemporary times, smoking cigarettes is looked down upon, that is, unless you are in the city of New Orleans at a bar or in the French Quarter.

But, allowing businesses and individuals to decide whether or not to allow smoking cigarettes inside their bars may soon be a thing of the past if New Orleans City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell gets her way.

Just last night, Cantrell introduced an ordinance before the New Orleans City Council which would all-out ban smoking in New Orleans bars and public places in general. Because if anything, New Orleans politicians should be telling everyday New Orleanians and tourists how to conduct their lives, right?

Keep in mind, Cantrell has been endorsed by State Senator Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans), so that should give you a clue on who she aligns herself with.

This may sound familiar in places like New York City, where smoking in bars has been banned for decades, and California, but for New Orleans? The most nonchalant city in the country (when it comes to smoking and alcohol regulation) banning smoking?

‘What’s happening,’ you may ask yourself.

Well, Cantrell, like other infamous “nanny-state” politicians, such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, simply have one concept they live by: The government knows what is best for you.

Instead of allowing individual businesses decide what is best for their business, the Cantrell wants a mandate across the board. However, already, there are over 100 businesses in the city of New Orleans that are smoke-free, solely because they choose to be.

This war on smokers is evident across college campuses this year, as new legislation, back in June, passed by Democrats in the state banned smoking on all college campuses.

Cantrell shares the mindset that individuals do not understand what is good or not good for themselves, therefore they need the government to tell them how to run their businesses and live their lives.

But, Cantrell already has one other Democrat dunce on board with the smoking ban: New Orleans City Councilwoman Susan Guidry. So we will have to watch and see how this issue pans out.

In the meantime, Cantrell and Guidry should ask themselves this question: ‘What gives me the authority to tell any business or individual how to conduct their business?’

Chances are, their heads will be spinning.



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