Who Cares About The Keystone Pipeline?! Here Are 5 Things Louisiana Voters Really Care About

Much hype has been made regarding the Keystone XL Pipeline and its unlikely passage today in the US Senate. And for Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), today is a pretty big deal.

But, Louisiana voters do not care all that much about the Keystone Pipeline to be completely honest, when it comes to Landrieu’s run-off election against Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA). Even if the project were to pass, it would not be an all-out win for Landrieu in the run-off because according to exit polls, voters did not even vote with the pipeline in mind.

Here are 5 things Louisiana voters truly care about in this election cycle:


In exit polling conducted by the Associated Press, the economy by far was the biggest issue in voters’ minds when it came to the Nov. 4th Senate election against Landrieu and Cassidy. In exit polls, almost 7 in 10 Louisianians said the national economy is not great, but its also not terrible. However, 4 out of 10 said it was in fact getting worse. The AP reports that Cassidy received nearly half the votes from voters who think the economy isn’t all that great and also about 6 in 10 who think its getting worse.


The second biggest issue for Louisiana voters is Obamacare, which Landrieu cast the deciding vote for. For some time, Democrats have been running from the healthcare overhaul when they are up for re-election, mainly because in a red state like Louisiana, the government program is not all that popular. Exit polling showed that 56 percent of Louisianans thought Obamacare “went too far.” Of that 56 percent, Cassidy received 6 out of 10 of those votes.


Off the bat, Landrieu has voted for President Obama’s legislative agenda 97 percent of the time since he has been in office. Cassidy took advantage of that record during the jungle primary, releasing a slew of ads that portrayed Landrieu as one in the same with Obama. This, clearly, had a devastating effect on Landrieu’s campaign. Approximately 6 in 10 Louisianians said Landrieu voted for Obama’s agenda far too often. From those, about 7 out of 10 voted for Cassidy.

#4 – THE GOP

Though Louisiana is largely a red state, Louisiana voters seem to be grimacing at the Republican Party, much like the rest of the country. Nearly 17 percent of Louisianians said they were “angry” at the Republican Party in exit polling. And on top of that, 33 percent said they were “dissatisfied” with the GOP. From that 17 percent of “angry” voters, Landrieu got 79 percent and with the “dissatisfied” voters, Landrieu received 53 percent of the vote.


Just as Obama said a month ago, the Senate elections in Louisiana were about his record. And boy do the voters agree. A whopping 49 percent of Louisianians who voted on Nov. 4th said they “strongly disapprove” of Obama’s handling of the country. Another 10 percent of Louisianians said they “somewhat” disproved. Of those who “strongly disapprove,” about 62 percent voted for Cassidy. Meanwhile, Landrieu received nine-tenths of the vote from Louisianians who think Obama’s doing his job alright or somewhat approve of the job he has done.

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