Mary Landrieu’s Radio Meltdown On Jeff Crouere’s Show Today

This is…we don’t have the words. We’ll just say it’s a rather rambling, desperate, ill-advised, delusional and disqualifying performance, and particularly with respect to Landrieu’s deciding vote in favor of Obamacare.

It sounds like somebody told Landrieu she had to win a debate with Crouere to gain traction at the last minute. So they sent her onto Crouere’s show to start a fight…and then she failed to win it.

Here’s a link to the whole 11 minutes and 19 seconds of the appearance, which comes off a bit like a drunken harangue until she hangs up on Crouere.

And here are a few highlights that have been posted to YouTube by the Republican candidate-tracking group America Rising – who couldn’t believe the ease with which they were able to capture a Democrat’s disintegration.

First, there was Landrieu admitting she knew Obamacare was lousy legislation when she voted for it…

Next, we have her losing her cool as Crouere attempts to stop her from filibustering on Obamacare…

And finally, here’s Landrieu denying that Obamacare was not the president’s signature legislation, complete with her asking Crouere where he went to high school and then claiming that Obamacare is not Obama’s legislation because what the president really wanted was single-payer socialized medicine (which Obamacare is designed to collapse into)…

If this isn’t a radio performance on par with Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” gaffe-fest, we’re not sure what is.

Landrieu is going to suffer a 20-point beatdown in tomorrow’s runoff, and she’s doing everything she can to deserve every vote of that margin of defeat.



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