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Every morning I, like you, arise and start the day. We conduct our daily routines and start the trek to work or set about our chores around the house as I do because I’m retired and my avocation is writing on matters political both foreign and domestic. Because of this I have a diverse reading list allowing for interesting observations about how nations and people viewed the actions occurring in their lives. Their actions make them who they are and how they’re seen in history.

There’s an old Asian saying specifically warns us with its cryptic irony: “May you live in interesting times.” We must understand this has come true. We live in “interesting times”.

They’re made interesting by the fact we’re seeing a once powerful and conscientious nation has been pulled down from within by people who said they were going to pull it down: and the American people have done nothing. Hell! Some people even applauded the actions taken by fascistic players in our system and surreptitiously fostered by alleged conservatives more progressive than not.

There’s a commercial airing on TV now makes mention of people going “nose blind” because they’ve become inured by the constant and continual experience of offensive odors to the point they don’t notice they exist. It’s like having a cat litter box in your house and no longer noticing it needs changing because you’re accustomed to it being there.

America’s gone “nose blind”. It can’t smell the odor of its necrotizing ideals, values and standards of national principles. Americans placed their governing bodies on auto-pilot and expected it to develop a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI would be all-knowing and cognizant of the wishes, drives and desires of people put it in place every two to six years.

There’s a new element of computer science developing AI. But government isn’t a machine. It’s conducted by human individuals brought together to direct governmental policy and procedure so people benefit. But, we’ve seen it’s a select few benefiting from the conduct of government. Special interests, Non-Governmental Operations (NGO); friends and family of Representatives and Senators and other Bureaucrats have contracts pushed their way. Everybody gets a piece of this turkey we call government.

The bad part is this turkey is rotted from within. The meat’s tainted, but the flavor’s acceptable to a point because of the “seasoning” these amateur sous-chefs serve in a delightfully artistic presentation. The presentation’s designed to whet the appetite of the uninvolved and bring them to the table. Tell a man often enough he’s a gourmand because he hungrily gobbles the dish from his hunger for better representation at the table, and you change his perception of himself from merely being hungry to misperceiving himself as a connoisseur of fine foods.

But you do create an avid follower. And his progeny, if allowed a place at this diseased banquet will follow his mentor’s example. He’ll ingest what he’s taught to believe and advance it to his progeny and you get to the “interesting times” we endure now.

Our so called leaders, men and women with personal agendas are acting as “servers”. They shovel the pigswill they feel we’re only deserving of because so many accept it as sustenance after awhile. What we become accustomed to is what we come to expect and accept, rather than protest and be removed from the trough.

Yes; we live in interesting times. Obama wants a legacy. He sees capitulation and submission to any and all former and present nations who are antagonistic to our national interests as a way to change America. The problem resides in the fact the changes he sees as beneficial are totally and completely antithetical to the design, structure and future existence of the main democratic republic on the planet. Every action this man commits is a crime against the designs and efforts to maintain freedom and conduction of the American Song meant to be sung by a free people executing control over their government.

Yes. We live in “interesting times”. But are those times good for us? It only says “interesting”; never does it reference it as being good.

Thanks for listening.



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