Why The Federal Government’s Mandatory Menu Calorie Labeling Does Not Work

New regulations placed on restaurants, fast food stops and just about any food producer in the country, which mandate that the calorie counts of all items must be displayed on the menu, sounds great on paper, like many liberal ideas. But, in reality, it does absolutely nothing except add more government red-tape.

Thanks to Obamacare, the FDA will begin enforcing a policy which boils down to the fact that the federal government now wants to enter the business of keeping Americans healthy, via giving them the calorie counts for all food items on a menu.

But, we already get the calorie counts of foods on restaurants’ websites. And if you’re dying to know the calories, you can ask a worker at the restaurant and they will most likely be able to get them for you in a fast manner.

This system of asking for calorie counts has proven to be no problem. Individuals who truly care about the calorie count of their foods are going to go the tiny extra step and inquire about what is the number behind their food.

So why would the federal government get involved then? We’re not quite sure, except for the fact that there is money to be made and power to be seized. Which is exactly what this regulation does, seizes more power out of the business and individual and puts it comfortably with the rich politician.

This FDA overreach will not help fight obesity, as the Obama administration and advocates have argued. Because, in case Washington politicians haven’t noticed, individuals who choose to eat high-calorie foods, know they are eating high-calorie foods. We’re not idiots. We just like the taste of chicken nuggets. And no calorie count next to the photo of the chicken nuggets is going to stop us from ordering them. It is our choice as a consumer to do that. And there is nothing wrong with that choice.

Not to mention, the FDA is so mindless that they think a calorie count is the only component of a food item. So forget about all the nutritional aspects, the calories are the only aspect of food that should matter. What a ridiculous notion.

As usual though, the federal government thinks it can solve everyone’s problems.

Most recently, Reason Magazine pointed out that the calorie count mandate could actually be a very bad idea, as it would majorly effect individuals with eating disorders.

According to Reason, “This initiative perpetuates the idea that numbers should be a focal point in managing health. The message that these individuals fight to correct in therapy is reinforced every time they step into a chain restaurant and see long lists of calorie counts. To avoid this message, people with eating disorders would have to avoid a vast number of food establishments, further limiting the lives they are working so hard to expand.”

Not only will this regulation not help obese individuals in any way whatsoever, it will negatively impact our brothers and sisters suffering from body image issues. Only the federal government would enact a regulation so absurd that it pretends to help one group of people, while actually hurting another.

And besides, why not just let the free market dictate a calorie count menu policy? If consumers begin to request calorie counts more and more, businesses will voluntarily offer the calories on the menu. No need for government intervention into private business.

That would be the smart thing to do though, so it is no surprise the federal government has chosen to do the opposite.



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