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“The U.S. Army has decided to award the Purple Heart to victims of the Fort Hood massacre, sources told Fox News on Friday.” – Fox News

“President Obama today said he and other Christians should not ‘get on our high horse‘ with respect to the ISIS rampages in the name of religion, suggesting that Christians had done similar things in the name of their religion during the crusades and with slavery in the United States.” – White House Dossier

The reason is not complicated.  Obama is not a religious person.  He rarely appears in church, except for political purposes.  He is titularly a Christian, but identifies emotionally, from his youth in Indonesian madrassas and from his ideological predisposition, with Third World Muslims.  But now he is confronted with those same Muslims behaving like barbarians across Africa and the Middle East and sometimes into Europe and America.” – Roger L. Simon/PJ Media

“When Obama alludes to the evils of medieval Christianity, he fails to acknowledge the key word: ‘medieval.’ What made medieval Christianity backward wasn’t Christianity but medievalism.” – Jonah Goldberg/National Review

“See, what Barack Obama and much of Washington’s elite think is that Islam is roughly 600 years behind Christianity. Christians were still running Crusades in the 1400’s, six hundred years ago. The Spanish Inquisition was just about to get underway 600 years ago. But over 600 years, Christianity took a moderating tone. Heck, Christians were burning people at the stake back then too. So, in 600 years, Islam will be debating gay marriage and have its own Rachel Held Evans and Episcopalians to deal with. They just need to grow up.” – Erick Erickson/RedState

“The revocation of an award such as the Silver Star is extraordinarily rare, and typically would happen in the case of the recipient being convicted of a serious crime that in some way dishonored his service. But not only has Golsteyn not been convicted of a crime—he hasn’t even been charged with one.” – Washington Free Beacon

“On Monday, the news broke that our president and his cadre of Top Men were fulfilling his duty to submit a budget to Congress by releasing a $4 trillion boondoggle replete with tax increases and leftist fantasies of burgeoning government swag. Barack Obama’s new budget never balances. In fact, by his own estimate he’ll be leaving the federal debt at $26 trillion in ten years—and the real effect, were Congress to allow this insanity to become reality, would be far worse.” – Scott McKay/American Spectator

“For years, Brian Williams had been telling a story that wasn’t true. On Wednesday night, he took to his anchor chair on ‘NBC Nightly News’ to apologize for misleading the public. On Thursday, his real problems started.” – NY Times

“The ultra-hardline Islamist group Islamic State claimed on Friday that an American female hostage it was holding in Syria had been killed when Jordanian fighter jets hit a building where she was being held, SITE monitoring group said.” – Reuters

I am worried about Jenner because his current journey is the mirror image of mine 30 years ago. I know the journey, the pitfalls, the highs and the lows of changing genders. I look at the pictures of Bruce Jenner plastered on the Internet and it’s like I’m witnessing a movie of my own life from 30 years ago, with Bruce playing the leading role.” – The Federalist


“It was nice of the President to give us a history lesson at the Prayer breakfast,” Jindal said. “Today, however, the issue right in front of his nose, in the here and now, is the terrorism of Radical Islam, the assassination of journalists, the beheading and burning alive of captives. We will be happy to keep an eye out for runaway Christians, but it would be nice if he would face the reality of the situation today. The Medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President. Please deal with the Radical Islamic threat today.” – National Review

“The Bossier Parish School Board unanimously passed a resolution Thursday night asking the Louisiana Legislature to remove Louisiana from the Common Core State Standards and direct the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) develop a replacement.” – KSLA

“Oil services company Baker Hughes is closing a wireline facility in Houma and laying off 60 people. ‘The lay off is expected to be permanent,’ according to a letter to the Louisiana Worforce Commission from Brandy Brandon, Baker Hughes human resources lead – Gulf of Mexico.” – Baton Rouge Advocate

Gov. Bobby Jindal let his inner health care wonk show this week. While two other Republican presidential hopefuls waffled on vaccinations after a measles outbreak in California, Louisiana’s governor was unequivocal:” – NOLA.com

“Despite the fact that Democrats no longer hold a single statewide elected office in the state, Louisiana is said to be among the nation’s most politically competitive in a new Gallup analysis based on its polling of voter sentiment last year in all 50 states.” – Baton Rouge Business Report

“As the head of his Washington, DC-based nonprofit. LeRoy watchdogs hundreds of thousands of lucrative deals between state governments and private corporations. His data helped show that, since Bobby Jindal became governor in 2008, Louisiana has handed out more incentives than any other state – $11.1 billion – followed by the states of Washington, Michigan and New York.” – Fox 8 Live

“The state’s colleges and universities are on the chopping block once more. With no constitutional protection, they are facing cuts of as much as $400 million next year. The heads of all four university systems in the state—why we need four systems is, perhaps, part of the problem—have been told to prepare for budget cuts of between 35% and 40%.” – Baton Rouge Business Report

“Offensive coordinator Cam Cameron says LSU fans will see ‘markedly improved’ quarterback play this season, and that QBs Anthony Jennings and Brandon Harris continue ‘growing.’” – Baton Rouge Advocate

“So now what? Where does LSU go from here? That question needs to come wrapped in a serious sense of urgency for the Tigers after another humbling loss on Thursday night.” – NOLA.com

“Maybe he’s more relaxed talking to fans instead of the media, though by now he should know well that everything he says anywhere publicly can and will be used against him in the court of public opinion. Whatever the reason, over the years The Bash has served as Miles’ personal missile test range.” – Baton Rouge Advocate



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