MILLS: Obama And The High Horse

Yesterday’s 63rd National Prayer Breakfast took a twisted turn to the political yet again under the current Administration. I recall the Prayer Breakfast a few years ago when the President invoked the Koran to rousing applause. President Obama yesterday – and more than any other President in my lifetime – did not hesitate to misrepresent core Christian orthodoxy or suspend the religious liberties of most Americans.

Unlike Gov. Bobby Jindal’s prayer meeting last week, the President failed to implore Providential guidance (in the form of actual prayer) like Louisiana did last week at The Response. What the President did accomplish was to impugn the Christian faith as equal and faulty to some recent religiously motivated actions! The President fails to distinguish authentic Christianity from a twisted ideology of (some) Muslims who slaughter innocent human life. ISIL, not Islamo-fascism, was identified as “brutal,” and a “vicious death cult (…) that bears no resemblance to Muhammad!” Obama continued, “We see sectarian war in Syria, the murder of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria, religious war in the Central African Republic, a rising tide of anti-Semitism and hate crimes in Europe, perpetrated in the name of religion.” Then he assigned responsibility: “[L]est we get on our high horse and think [ruthless murder] is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.” Those actions associated with the crusaders were unjustifiable, but they happened to have occurred 724 years ago! The torching of innocents including school children occurred just the other day!

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal assured President Obama that the “Medieval Christian threat is under control,” in a statement reported by National Review. Gov. Jindal said, “Mr. President, please deal with the Radical Islamic threat today.”

Ironically, the theme of the Prayer Breakfast was “Remembering the Armenian Genocide of 1915,” in which more than one million Christians were slaughtered by Muslims! Obama’s confusion is as unbelievable as his omission of two principal teachings: Christians are commanded to show love and compassion, while Muhammad’s edict calls for elimination of “infidels.”

Some are wondering if the President’s National Prayer Breakfast was less about affirmation of his self-professed Christian faith, or another effort to sympathize with Muslim believers. Given yesterday’s statements, it would seem the latter.



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