SARGE: Stand And Be Counted

Each morning the sun rises and the world is born anew. Not so the drive of certain bloggers and writer wannabees seeking to make a difference in the world. Some days it’s no more than trial to simply get out of bed.

The covers are warm, the “sweet spot” of passive comfort cuddling my overly stuffed body and causing me to snuggle deeper into the warmth of the moment makes me try like the dickens to not engage the boogie men coursing and charging about my world. They’re destroying it with their dogmatic, neo-liberal (read Marxist) drivel they believe will balance the needs of the underprivileged versus those of people having had some success in life.

The unhealthy, strident, overly loud and tumultuous, never ending harangue of the few, egotistically believing they alone possess the answers to humanity’s greatest trials drives us to cover our heads and hide from the problems. We think if we just look away we’ll not suffer Niemoller’s observation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

But that’s surely not the case. As was seen in Paris and the ever growing incursions of Muslim Extremist and Fundamentalist Islamist whack jobs shooting, bombing and killing the innocent in an effort to destabilize individual governments and murder the innocents with no greater sin than being born to parents believing differently than the Islamists, we now know that they ARE coming for us.

We must speak out now for those who can’t speak loudly enough. We must stand to protect those who can’t run far enough or fast enough to positions holding only false hope for survival. We, like all good people being bullied in the streets must stand and deliver the blow that bloodies the bully and makes him fear the resistance of a world holding a majority against his bluster and terroristic tactical assaults.

We must  stand in unity against the unjust and God damnable actions of those who would proselytize his word and love in favor of slavery and a violence enforced doctrine seeking a forced and overseen cooperative that’s no cooperative at all; it’s indentured servitude at best and communal/ communistic enslavement at worst. It preys on the fears of the unknown afterlife and succeeds on the threat of the lash and the surety of dispensing hell on earth.

To praise God requires we open our hearts, surrender our egos and offer up our souls freely to a higher power. To demand compliance with religious or atheist doctrines over our willing subservience to a personally recognized and knowledgeably defined higher power we willingly and with faith accept; is evil in action. If we don’t see the world through their eyes, our vision is supposed as being clouded and therefore ignorant. To steadfastly challenge those who call us ignorant only shows our detractors our weakness of mind and our childishness in “blind” belief.

That’s their belief and it’s dead wrong.

What we believe in is eternally alive and thriving. Their theories, concepts, philosophies, schema, hypotheses, notions and associated conjectures, speculations, assumptions (based on no more than their egotistical self-serving belief in their personal greatness) and presumptively suppositional are continually in flux. It takes no more than another theorist of arguably equal intellectual elevation to offer another theory and the whole thing is placed in doubt.

As an example I offer this: A few years ago Stephen Hawking was challenged on his theory of what happens when matter contacts the outer rim of a Black Hole. Hawking said one thing and his challengers said another. As the challengers proclaimed Hawking was in error, he proclaimed the object under the influence of the Black Hole didn’t enter the hole to be lost; it was smeared along the gravitational edge of the Black Hole and as such was changed but not exactly lost.

What was the effect of this debate? It changed the debate and drew attention to the newer speculation and solved nothing other than to leave Hawking at the pinnacle of his profession. And who’ll challenge him? Only those having strong enough faith in their beliefs to step forward and say “wait a minute!”

It’s only when we stand for what we believe do we stand in strength.

Stand and be counted.

Thanks for listening.



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