Dennis Prager: Should Women Freak Out When Husbands Or Boyfriends Check Out Hotties?

This is guaranteed to generate all kinds of controversy, and the feminists will absolutely hate it, but Prager, relying on behavioral research that he doesn’t elaborate on, makes the case here that men are hard-wired to notice attractive women even when they’re with their wives or girlfriends – but there isn’t any correlation between that and infidelity.

And the reason why the looking creates a problem is that women associate it with concerns about losing their men. Because women are hard-wired toward having those concerns. Which leads to insecurity, which leads to acting out, which leads to fights.

You can’t make general statements which apply to lots of people, if not most of them, without there being a backlash and much yelling and screaming. So – the question here is…is he right?



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