Don’t Be Shocked, But Planned Parenthood Isn’t Thrilled With Ted Cruz As A Presidential Candidate

This went out on Facebook yesterday…

Leaving aside all the usual arguments about Planned Parenthood and their fitness to judge any politicians – that organization is run by Cecile Richards, the daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards who committed a great deal of time and resources to the horrendously doomed Wendy Davis campaign for governor last year – what we can see is an attempt to turn Ted Cruz into Todd Akin and resurrect the War On Women meme against the GOP should Cruz be the nominee.

Whether they, or their compatriots on the Left who are throwing some of the most comic hyperbole imaginable at Cruz today (they will tell you whom they fear), will succeed in making him a marginal figure is going to be an interesting question to watch play out.

Cruz is being derided as insane, because he can’t be derided as stupid the way the Left usually derides conservatives. Cruz was lauded by Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School as the brightest student the latter has ever had, and he’s argued nine cases in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. You can’t call a man with that curriculum vitae an idiot.

So they’ll call him insane. He’s insane because he went to Washington and insisted that he would change it rather than it changing him the way it usually does to young reformers.

But the public hates Washington, DC with a passion. It wants Washington to change, whether that’s to what Cruz would make of it or something else. So branding Cruz as crazy for insisting that Washington change probably doesn’t work.

There are Republicans who don’t like Cruz, and that’s why he’s being discounted as a presidential candidate. But if John McCain and Mitch McConnell don’t like Cruz, is that a negative? Who likes McCain and McConnell?

John McCain calling Ted Cruz a “wacko bird” is rich, is it not? The bitter old man who wants to bomb everybody except for the Syrian jihadists he befriended a few years ago? He says Cruz is crazy?

And then there is Peter King, the professional practitioner of microphone fellatio who serves as one of New York City’s token Republican congressmen, who beclowned himself attacking Cruz yesterday. King pretends that he has a chance to secure the GOP nomination for himself – and Cruz is the crazy one! – so some of his histrionics are self-serving.

Cruz will be attacked, but the attacks will not drive the crowds away. When the attacks are shrill and breathless, like the ones California’s clownish governor Jerry Brown presented against Cruz Sunday, they only make the target more interesting to the public.

The launch of the Texas senator’s campaign is one of the more impressive in modern times. Cruz has been called a Republican Obama owing to his lack of executive experience as a first-term senator, but the splash he has made in the first 48 hours after entering the race makes that comparison a valid one whether he’s able to follow through as Obama did or not.

Cruz can’t win? In 2007, did anyone believe a black man with a Muslim name and a radical fringe background, with no accomplishments to speak of, could beat the Clinton machine? No.

We like Cruz. We also like Scott Walker. We only request that the GOP’s conservative base settle on one of them – or another candidate who can present a better case, should one come along – earlier rather than later. The base cannot be split in this cycle and allow the party’s East Coast monied interests to foist another bloodless moderate to the top of the ticket. Not in this, the most important of electoral cycles.



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