(VIDEO) Ted Cruz’ Announcement Speech Yesterday Was Quite Good…

It’s not surprising that the Cruz hatred blossomed yesterday. What he presented was unapologetic conservatism, the kind favored by Ronald Reagan but that Reagan could never get the votes in Congress to move forward with. Cruz is running for president on a flat tax and the abolition of the IRS. He’s running on dumping Common Core and killing the federal Department of Education. He’s running on honoring our alliance with Israel and ending the constant “peace process” dance with the Palestinians.

He’s running on entitlement reform, including means testing and raising the eligibility age for Social Security as it affects younger Americans who don’t even currently believe the program will exist when they retire. He’s running on a full repeal of Obamacare and replacing it with market-based reforms that make health insurance “personal, portable and affordable.”

Cruz is presenting a bold vision, unmistakable as anything other than Tea Party conservatism. He has the credibility to present it. He’s being called crazy for doing so and he’s being laughed at for running.

Maybe he’s crazy. And maybe he’s not the guy the GOP needs. But the others who’ll follow Cruz into the race will now have to match the clarity and articulation of his presidential announcement. Few will.



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