Is Sidney Torres’ Free Market Solution To Fighting New Orleans Crime The Future?

Private business owners taking it upon themselves to fight crime in major cities, struggling to reduce violent crime, is sort of unheard of.

However, trash business entrepreneur Sidney Torres has devised a plan to fight crime in the city of New Orleans, specifically the French Quarter.

The free-market solution?

Torres will pay New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) off-duty cops to patrol the French Quarter in groups of three. But, the free market madness doesn’t stop there.

The rockstar good-looks businessman has also created a mobile phone app that the public will be able to use that will allow users to report a crime and alert the police where the crime occurred.

Torres’ Facebook group Keep The French Quarter Safe has most recently posted a video showing the patrol four-wheeler-like vehicles that the off-duty NOPD officers will be patrolling on.

So is Torres’ plan the future for law enforcement?

Before, critics of Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the NOPD have suggested the state possibly taking over the Big Easy’s law enforcement entirely. This has been done in other areas, when cities become so crime-ridden that they cannot sustain themselves.

But, Torres’ “3 men and an app” plan is fresh, new and most importantly more effective than anything government could ever think of.

Landrieu’s solution for fighting violent crime was the creation of the “NOLA Patrol,” which will be paid civilian cops that are unarmed and will handle traffic issues. This, according to Landrieu, will allow more armed NOPD cops to be available for violent crime problems.

Though, Torres’ plan seems more logical, business driven and includes the residents of the city, as well as tourists who may just be visiting for a weekend.

Private business always seems to have a leg up on government when it comes to innovation, and Torres is no exception that logic.



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