SARGE: The Organization

“Tyranny is always better organized than freedom”.     Charles Peguy- (noted French poetessayist, and editor born in Orléans. His two main philosophies were socialism and nationalism.)

And so it proves true. In American politics it’s been said the liberals want government by the elite and the conservatives desire government of a controlled people recognizing the brilliance of the paternal elite realizing their “white man’s burden”; which by the way is how the liberals look at government but don’t say it.

The other thing is the fact liberals believe in the “liberte’, egalite’, fraternite’” of the masses as long as they (the elite) are more free, more equal and more brotherly. The liberals seek to drop the standards for equality for all others than they, so the masses may be equally affected and as such have nothing to complain about. In their theory you should have as much (or as little) as the other guy but remain blind to the fact the liberal hierarchy resides in the clouds like Olympus and mortal man lives on the edge of Tartarus which is a level lower than Hades and much less comfortable.

In America the Democrats believe the state is the maternal element responsible for the care and feeding of the people. It was originally the goal of the people most responsible for the development of a free and dynamic nation that ALL people were welcomed to excel and advance in their personal economics and fiscal goals. The Republicans say they believe in those tenets where a man or woman may battle and advance toward the successful attainment of those goals as long as they do it the right way; and according to the Republicans’ definition of the right way.

Liberals follow a series of organizational tenets described, listed and demanded by socialist and later communist facilitators and political organizers. People like Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and Alinsky have codified the program and dumbed it down so people like Barack Obama can understand it and advance it. Fundamentally changing America is their goal. It has been since Teddy Roosevelt started setting aside public lands for the betterment of the people and we could have safely and centrally protected parks and natural expanses to view and enjoy benignly.

But in that benign setting where emotionally we can enjoy the pastoral beauty, we deny the ability to capitalize on natural resources which may produce energy resources to keep people from freezing to death or going to live as pioneers. It’s true there are those who’ll not attend to the needs of nature to not destroy the pristine nature of the locale, but we have a plethora of laws, regulations, rules and edicts preventing us from enjoying those lands Roosevelt set aside. They were set aside based on the noble effort to protect and have slipped to the point where we can’t benefit from its productivity lying dormant.

Now we have a government designed to function under the directives of a communist (Alinsky) and his protégé Hillary Clinton plus his later disciple Barack Obama. In Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals©, the outline of how to negate and destroy the objections of conservatives and advance the socialist/communist agenda in America today is being realized. We see liberals blocking legislation controlling their ability to unilaterally command government’s unfettered growth. They stonewall and prevent along party lines, anything they feel restricts their ability to advance welfare’s attraction to the lazy and those unwilling to contribute to their personal growth because it’s simply not comfortable to be responsible. They not only direct and advance irresponsibility; they enforce it.

Edith Hamilton, the American educator and author, said: “When the freedom they wished for most was the freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free and was never free again.” From this truth we see the potential end of what we have in this great nation. The necessity for personal responsibility shines light on our goals and allows the chance to advance beyond the neglectful irresponsibility of the state. It could force people from their infantile subservience and need for maternal care and paternal indulgence forced on them by the state; but it doesn’t.

We must have independence from the state so we may grow to the heights of our potential personal stature. We must not be fettered by the restrictive legislative over-reach and actions of people more interested in progressing theories. The state isn’t interested in practically advancing the greatness of the individual American looking to stand strong, on his own two legs, held erect by a steely spine and looking at the world with his clarity of vision. Liberals would seek to blind her with false gain instead of honest profit earned from the sweat of the brow and the power of conviction.

We need a productive society built on the foundation of industry. We need American integrity.

In closing we need to remember the words of Jean Baptiste Say, French economist and businessman: “It is the aim of good government to stimulate production; of bad government to encourage consumption.”

Thanks for listening.



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