SARGE: Your Own Lying Eyes

Every morning I awaken to the challenge of finding a topic to address. (Some say bloviate about but I reject the criticism as long as Harry Reid is alive and Nancy Pelosi draws breath.) Today I found it in the disclosure Obama has again told the world of understandably restricted, if not Top Secret information, concerning Israel’s nuclear power research or construction program. The last time he did this he had his flunky Leon Pannetta (who was then Secretary of Defense) to tell the world of Israel’s strategy concerning their Arab neighbor states.

If “loose lips sink ships” then this rubber headed, America hating, block-head in chief is trying to conduct a Pearl Harbor on the entire free world. Obama’s hatred of Israel is specific and concrete no matter what the lying bat turd says. He has displayed nothing but anathema and denunciation of the fact Israel is resolute in their stance they will NOT return to pre-1967 boundaries and borders of their nation. To do so would be suicide. The control of the Golan Heights alone specifically shows the need to assure Israel doesn’t allow their Arab antagonists the literal high ground to launch artillery and missile strikes against Israel below. But Obama and Kerry are too stupid to understand what they don’t want to understand.

Pity. This is what masquerades as American leadership. It’s more significantly emblematic of all that’s wrong with American politics and politicians specifically. Politicians have no ethics. They have no constancy of action. They’re in it for themselves at this level and the “legacy” they’ll leave behind in history’s pages will be determined by those accepting their duplicity as good or evil. In liberal school systems, heroes of the left are published and bought as texts more often than those that are Right.

With Obama allowing this matter to “slip” into the public realm by declassifying intelligence held concerning Israel, his has again destabilized America’s posture as a nation speaking truth and justice to the world. It’s destroyed the knowledge of America’s willingness to stand behind decade long alliances with a people known to be in the cross-hairs of genocidal Arab antagonists wanting to finish Hitler’s work.

People have drawn analogies between Hitler and Obama in the past. Nobody’s listened. They keep hearing the vitriolic diatribe uttered by this jerk and reject their seeing what he’s doing because he says he isn’t doing it. There’s an old question asked of stupid people: “are you going to believe me or your own lying eyes?”

Obama’s been very, very obvious in what he’s doing and our witless Congressional and Senatorial “representatives’ have gone along with it because they have this belief if they stay loyal to Obama’s cause they’ll be rewarded in the next world. Does that mean they’ll get ice cubes in hell for their julips? That’s surely what Obama has in mind as a destination for any and all who associate with him as he drags the American flag through the bloody mud of the Middle East.

He holds this stupid belief Iran will be “controlled” with a bargain holding no legal recourse to stop the Iranians in the World Court and he removed sanctions they say weren’t having any positive effect on Iran’s actions against its neighbors, Obama’s proven he’s less American in his heart than Benedict Arnold.

Check what you see and understand. Listen to what he says and understand what he wants. Then decide what YOU believe is truth; not what he says is truth when YOU know it’s a lie. Accept NOTHING a politician says without investigating to find the facts, then decide the truth of the matter. Don’t just take it without giving some of it back; abuse is meant to be resisted not accepted blindly.

Sheep are led to slaughter. Do you stand tall and state your case or do you bleat as you walk to your personal and national demise?

Will you seek truth and deal with it or reject what your own “lying eyes” see? Either way, you’ll get what you deserve.

Thanks for listening.



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