TALLEYRAND: And Still Undisputed Leader of the Free World

Benjamin Netanyahu is a modern political David, outperforming the projected low poll numbers that heralded that the end of his premiership was nigh and stout opposition, both foreign and domestic.

But instead of facing Goliath, the Israeli prime minister faced a hydra consisting of venomous attacks by not just Israeli parliamentary rivals but also the Obama Administration, the Obama political operation, money funneled into the campaign by Democratic donors and perhaps by the federal government itself, and the leftist American media complex.

In fact, veterans of the Obama presidential campaign were on the ground feverishly working against Netanyahu’s re-election as prime minister. Jeremy Bird, who served as national field director for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, who tried to turn Texas “blue” was in Israel advising the One Voice Movement’s V15 operation to mobilize Palestinian and Israeli voters to “act” to force a two-state resolution.

V15 was connected to the busing of Arab voters in the Israeli election, which was decried by Netanyahu, whose decrying was decried by the American media to taint Likud’s victory at the polls.

The American media did their best to work against Netanyahu’s re-election, deeming his speech to both houses of Congress as “controversial” and using the Speaker’s rostrum as a stage for political grandstanding in advance of his election- heaven forbid- when making his case that the US should avoid striking a bad bargain with Tehran regarding their nuclear program.

Netanyahu’s address before Congress was a backup venue after President Obama refused to visit with the Israeli leader during his brief visit to Washington.

The Netanyahu speech turned out to be more Churchillian than political theatre, where the prime minister even thanked the very man who disrespected him and whose operatives and administration was working to undermine his reelection.

The media then focused their frenzy on Tom Cotton’s open letter reminding Tehran that any deal cut by John Kerry and blessed by Obama still needed ratification by Congress’ upper chamber.

The New York Daily News ran with the absurd headline “TRAITORS” in response to the Cotton letter and labeled “mutinous” by retired major general Paul Eaton.

It should be noted that Eaton is an advisor to the group VoteVets.org, which despite its self-identified “nonpartisan” nature, is closely identified with Democratic politics. Eaton also worked for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid and later advocated the election of Obama. No mention of Eaton’s real politics was mentioned in the Washington Post article promulgating this seemingly objective authority on the Cotton letter.

The faux fury and amplified hyperventilation by Democratic politicians and their proxies was intended to vilify opponents of the “treaty (not necessarily peace) at any price” caucus, i.e., the GOP and Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s primary message was that the Zionist Union, a coalition of the Labor Party and Hatnuah, a progressive party that aggressively wants a peace agreement with the Palestinians, could not be trusted to prioritize Israeli security over the whims of Washington, particularly as it seems that the Obama Administration may very well go along with a United Nations move to recognize a Palestinian state.

The world has become an increasingly dangerous place for Israel and Jews.

While on a bus heading to Eilat back in December, I overheard a group of young people speaking language quite different from English and Hebrew: French. A tour guide in adjoining seat informed me that a large number of Jews from France had been relocating to Israel because of the rise of anti-Semitism in their home country.

Twice as many had left France for Israel in 2014, well before the Islamist attack on a Parisian kosher supermarket. In the aftermath, that number will continue to climb.

Times are tough in the Jewish state. The spike in immigration has exacerbated the preexisting housing shortage and has contributed to the growing cost of living in Israel.

And then there were the rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza and regular threats of annihilation by Iran.

However the Israeli economy is fairly robust. With an unemployment rate of 5.7%, Israel’s is far lower than the European Union average of 11.5%.

At the end of the day, Israelis wisely decided to trust Netanyahu over Obama with their security.

Israelis didn’t just vote for Likud, they voted to preserve their prosperity, sovereignty and existence.



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