Am I The Only One To Notice That Hillary’s Campaign Logo Is A Huge Insult To The Democrat Base?

Have you seen the Hillary Clinton campaign logo?

This might be the worst symbol ever for a political campaign.

You have a big red arrow pointing to the right, sitting over a blue equal sign turned 90 degrees, with nothing else to it.

Sure, a campaign logo ought to be simple and easily recognizable. And this is. Except the Left is going to recognize it and hate it, because it reinforces what they already think of Clinton – namely that she isn’t progressive enough and that she’s a closet Republican.

Those of us on the Right think that’s insane, of course, but it’s what the Left believes. They think Clinton is a faux leftist in bed with Big Business and they’re pining for somebody more down with the cause like Liz Warren.

Knowing this, Hillary creates a campaign logo which suggests she’ll take the Democrat Party to the right. She’d do that because she thinks the Democrat nomination fight is over before it even starts, a mistake she’s already made – or does she remember how Barack Obama ate her lunch in 2008?

So she’s not only pissing off her base, she’s doing so with the suggestion that they don’t count and she’s entitled to the nomination.

It’s not just that it’s an ugly logo; it’s not really ugly, it’s boring. It’s that as symbolism it’s just all wrong for what she needs.

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