Dear House Appropriations Committee, Please Call Me To Testify On Higher Education Cuts

I’m watching the SGA presidents from all over the state’s public universities come up to the state capitol to testify against the “draconian” budget cuts. After watching the testimony, I actually wonder if we’re not cutting universities enough. Many of these kids were barely articulate and failed to present a single rational or logical argument.

These kids were complaining about how budget cuts were forcing students to actually work. The horror of not being able to go out and drink every night.

Some of these kids were comparing tuition increases to tax increases. The difference between the two is of course students can choose to pay the tuition while the taxes must be paid.

These geniuses also had a solution to increase funding at universities, in addition to raising taxes. They wanted to lower admissions standards at state universities while allowing them to have remedial classes. As more dummies fill the classrooms of Louisiana universities, the degrees will become even more useless than they already are.

Meanwhile, other students were bemoaning the travesty of professors actually having a higher work load than Bob Mann’s at LSU, which is two classes a semester for which he makes $120,000 a year.

Finally, some of these special snowflakes were threatening to take their “talents” out of state if higher ed was cut. I honestly don’t fail to see how this is a bad thing for Louisiana in most cases.

Instead of sob stories from entitled special snowflakes, the House Appropriations Committee needs to hear the truth which is our higher education system is a bloated failure.

These are poor quality to mediocre institutions that need market based competition, not state handouts. They have crowded private competitors. Ask yourself why heavily Catholic south-central and southwest Louisiana don’t have any Catholic universities?

Before you approve tax increases to continue supporting failure, please listen to another side.



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