SARGE: Ms. Hilarity

While checking out the media reports of Hilarity Clinton making her presence known (sorta) in Iowa I saw an unbelievable display of rampant toadyism made me shake my head. Normally shaking my head helps me clear my thoughts but the image of media representatives chasing the Clinton Mystery Machine (it’s not the Scooby Van even though it represents the idea maybe those “interfering kids” finding Hilarity’s missing emails) refused to budge.

And another thing, have you noticed anybody remotely associated with government and the transmission of sensitive data just can’t seem to keep track of the emails? I mean is it the government’s plan to avoid the scrutiny of the people by appearing to be so incompetent they can’t keep track of their work? For awhile I thought Lois Lerner was just stupid but now I’m not so sure. Or is it a convenient happenstance and coincidence? In any case it does show the level of disregard Hilarity has for Congress and the American people.

It seems the more the media inhales of Hilarity’s Mystery Machine’s flatulence (I’m sorry I meant to say exhaust) the more slavish they look. Instead of peppering Hilarity with questions designed to show people the “real” Hilarity, they continue sniffing each other’s butts. Then they sit in the pecking order so as to gain a pat on the head for betraying their journalistic ethics. They absolutely slobber praise on the woman thick enough to endanger her clothing with dog food stains. It’s amazing she doesn’t trip and fall. But, don’t worry; much like John Gotti, the gangster convicted for his organized crime activities; Ms. Hilarity is thickly clad in Teflon®. Because of the doting media begging for her to throw them a bone, nothing sticks.

Truth in reportage has taken a beating since Sam Clemens was a reporter. In that day the press felt it their duty to educate the people as to what was happening. Yes, there was partisan reporting. Partisan reporting has been discovered on cave walls in France, where it was noted Pierre the Hunter never seemed to be eaten by the bear but killed it cleanly and humanely; every time. That’s lasted for a couple of thousand years. But, today, because of the speed of delivery and the ability for any dumbbass with a “smart phone” to upload whatever intrigues him or her at the moment, we get a lot of drivel broadcast as news. Then it’s forgotten until the next chance to get more video of some hairball politician stealing a baby’s pacifier and sucking on it or Ms. Hilarity trying to gain votes by selectively inviting small groups of students to hear her “canned” politically strategic pronouncements on any and all subjects.

She can’t tell you what she’s accomplished in her political life. From the failure to produce HiIlary Care during her husband’s administration, to letting the murder of an American Ambassador and his associates go unpunished during her tenure as Secretary of State, to erasing years of personal and professional records of her communication from a personal server and thus assuring nobody will ever know exactly what she did or didn’t do during and after Benghazi blew up in her face; she’s proven she’s not trustworthy as an individual or as a candidate for the presidency.

But, the lame stream media refuses to stop doting on this woman because the progressive doctrine says there must be a WOMAN chosen as the next president because IT’S TIME we had a woman to swap gossip with Angela Merkel in the Powder Room. At least Hilarity would have somebody she could try to emulate (but never equal) where it came down to governance of a nation at the forefront of dynamic economic growth.

It’s impossible to believe this broken down former “golden girl” (in her mind) is the one person qualified to be president simply because her husband was elected based on charm and charism; both qualities we all know Hilarity doesn’t possess.

Thanks for listening.



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