Harry Reid, Who Was Beaten So Badly He Can’t See Out Of One Eye, Calls The 2016 GOP Field “Losers”

From The Hill, he said it in an interview where he was asked about the 2016 race…

Reid said he wasn’t worried that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have a significant challenger in the Democratic primary.

“I am not a big fan of primaries,” he said. “I don’t think they help, especially when you’re someone as noted as Hillary.”

He was less kind to the Republican contenders.

“I don’t really care,” he said, when asked about the GOP field. “I think they’re all losers.”

And more from the biggest asshole in American politics…

Reid said McConnell, the Senate GOP leader, thinks coal is “the salvation of the world.”

Reid told  CNBC  that he wouldn’t criticize McConnell for sending a letter to governors saying that the Environmental Protection Agency’s climate regulations were illegal.

“I don’t criticize McConnell for doing that,” Reid said. “He comes from a coal state. I don’t mean to be mean spirited, but he is a lump of coal. He believes that coal is the salvation of the world. I don’t believe that.”

Reid, who will retire at the end of this Congress, also accused Sen. John McCain of having a bad temper, though he said the Arizona Republican gets over it.

“It wasn’t long ago he came to me on the Senate floor, and he said, ‘What you just did, I’m going to come to the floor and kick the s— out of you,’” Reid said.

“And I said to him, ‘John, if I were in your position I would do the same thing.’”

Reid wasn’t pressed about the pitiful lie he’s told about why the right side of his face was bashed in so badly that he can’t see out of his right eye even three and a half months after the fact. Why the media is more interested in listening to him throw bombs at his Republican colleagues and presidential candidates than finding out the details of why his brother beat him nearly to death on New Year’s Eve.

See the video of this loudmouthed crook here.



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