How This Ingenious Anti-Hillary Clinton Street Art Will Win Over Millennials

Brooklyn, New York. Los Angeles, California.

These are just two Democrat-run areas where anti-Hillary Clinton street art is popping up, causing a stir and imagery that can be easily recognized.

The artist, Sabo, who is a Democrat-turned-conservative, has become the face for anti-establishment street, rivaling liberal street artist Shepard Fairey, who famously sanctified Barack Obama in his “HOPE” and “CHANGE” posters.

Posters posted around Brooklyn and Los Angeles mock the “sexist” words Clinton’s team declared that the media would not be allowed to use when referring to the former Secretary of State.

Check out some of the art here:

Hillary Clinton Appears Arlington and Adams Syphilis Bitch hillary street art2 hillary street art4 hillary street art5 hillary street art6 Meet The Press

Though the street art may seem like nothing more than a quick pun or joke, for millennials, it is much more.

Imagery is something youth culture is obsessed with. Imagery can be Instagram-ed, tweeted on Twitter, posted to Facebook and Snapchat-ed. If there is a way to win over a millennial’s mind in politics, it is through imagery.

Take for instance, Obama’s 2008 campaign. Those images by Fairey of Obama portrayed as the Lord and Savior were publicized and blasted everywhere. The “O” with the field-like stripes running through it became a symbol of progressive hope.

Hillary, however, has chosen the now infamous “H” with the arrow running through it. The campaign logo is quite arguably one of the ugliest and most boring political images in the last decade.

While Clinton’s logo will not resonate or be grained in the mind of millennials, these anti-Hillary street art images are bound to.

Why? Because they have a rebellious undertone. They mock a politically-correct system created by liberals that youth culture cannot stand. They mock a political dynasty that has been force-fed to millennials ever since they were born. They depict a public figure who is heralded by the past generation and the news media.

Not only will millennials get a kick out of these images, it will make them think twice when they are told by their privileged, liberal parents to vote for Clinton.



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