Loretta Lynch And DOJ Can’t Investigate Hillary Clinton’s Private Email Account, They Are Busy Investigating Anti-Obama Floats And Rodeo Clowns

After being asked by Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) whether or not she would investigate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for using a private email account, Loretta Lynch, the stalled Attorney General nominee, said she did not have enough evidence to investigate Clinton.

“Therefore, I do not have enough information at this time to determine whether action by the Department of Justice is warranted,” said Lynch in a letter to Vitter.

Vitter, though, is not having any of what Lynch is trying to sell.

“Hillary Clinton’s decision to destroy public records is a huge problem, and failure to investigate these practices sets a dangerous precedent for the Administration moving forward,” Vitter said in a statement. “Loretta Lynch’s response gives me no confidence that she will hold the Administration accountable for these sorts of cover-ups.”

The Senate confirmation surrounding Lynch has gotten contentious recently, as Vitter demanded a response from Lynch giving her until yesterday to respond. However, Lynch’s response did not come until today.

Looking back, it almost seems comical that the Department of Justice (DOJ) claims that it does not have enough evidence of Clinton’s private email account.

This is the same DOJ who investigated an anti-Obama 4th of July parade float in Norfolk, Nebraska.

The float, pictured above, features a “zombie-like figure resembling Mr. Obama standing outside an outhouse, which was labeled the ‘Obama Presidential Library.’”

The ridiculous investigation was much like the DOJ investigation into a rodeo clown back in 2013, in which a rodeo clown mocked the president wearing an Obama mask.

Seems like the DOJ has a lot of time on its hands, but not enough time to go after public corruption. Because, you know, that would actually make sense.



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