Reporter Who Used Gays To Trash Mike Johnson’s Christianity Silent After Being Called Out

Update: Maya Lau has reached out to us and we have been in contact. To see the full, updated story go here.

Shreveport Times Reporter Maya Lau asked Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Bossier City) a startling question the day the conservative lawmaker announced legislation that would prohibit the state from discriminating against individuals who held differing views on the definition of marriage.

Lau wasted no time in using the gay issue to bash Johnson’s Christian faith. See Johnson’s Facebook post on the matter here:

mike johnson facebook

Yesterday, after posting this story about how reporters in the Louisiana media use the gay community to serve their own agenda and to degrade Christians and their traditional views, we at the Hayride decided to ask Lau a few questions via Twitter.

For reporters like Lau, the gay community is essential to creating a narrative that Christians, by majority, are bigoted, backwards individuals. It is the classic Gays vs. Christians narrative.

But, what some of our Twitter questions asked Lau is how she would have reacted if Johnson were a gay legislator or a Muslim legislator or if State Sen. Karen Carter Peterson (D-New Orleans) had authored Johnson’s legislation.

These are our questions that Lau has yet to respond to:

tweets to maya lau2

tweets to maya lau

The fact that Lau and other reporters have targeted Johnson’s faith as the sole purpose and reasoning behind his proposed legislation is biased and irresponsible.

While these reporters portray Christians like Johnson and others as being close-minded for not bowing to the gay establishment, they, themselves, are the close-minded ones for assuming that a legislator crafts legislation solely based on his faith.

Johnson’s legislation is not about Christianity at all.

More so, his proposal is about a mutual respect between individuals and private businesses which keeps the state out of deciding what the private business owner should think.

This is actually conservative libertarianism, but for the purpose of deceiving the public and gay community, the media has decided to portray the proposal as Christian fascism.

For reporters to assume Christianity is the force driving these types of freedom of private thoughts shows exactly how much intolerance they have for individuals of faith.

Meanwhile, the gay community is treated as a pawn to be used to help further a national media narrative.

The intolerant lecturing individuals on tolerance, how ironic.



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