How The Louisiana Media Exploits Gays To Bash Christians

Just as State Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Bossier City) filed legislation which would prohibit the state from discriminating against individuals for having differing views on the definition of marriage, the state media began their campaign, pretending to be defending the LGBT community.

However, the media here in Louisiana does a pretty good job of decieving gays into believing that they actually care about them, when truthfully, their real agenda is based in bashing Christians and the entire Christian faith.

Right after Johnson filed the bill, he took to his Facebook page to note that a reporter called him and essentially asked him a very anti-Christian question.

Here’s Johnson’s post:

mike johnson facebook

Maya Lau, a Shreveport Times reporter, is the suspected journalist who asked Johnson this question, as she had a story out the same day with quotes from the Republican lawmaker.

Think for a second about if Lau asked an openly Muslim state legislator the same question.

First off, Lau would have never asked Johnson this question if he were Muslim, because liberals are sympathetic to Muslim views, while entirely hateful towards traditional Christian views.

Lau, an example of how the rest of the state media acts, has written and tweeted on Twitter about Johnson’s legislation. And based on her report and tweets, it could seem as though Lau has the gay community’s best interest in mind.

Here are some of Lau’s tweets from Twitter on Johnson’s legislation:

maya lau1maya lau3 maya lau4 maya lau5

But, reporters like Lau do not care at all about the gay community.

What they care about is serving up an agenda which preaches that the state should be allowed to force private businesses into associations that they do not wish to be associated with.

The reporter out of Indiana who sought out Memories Pizza to then blast the private business after the owners said they would not cater a gay wedding is a clear example of self-serving journalism.

The owners of Memories Pizza never put up a sign in their window that said “We do not serve gays.” But, from the irresponsible Indiana reporter’s segment on the story, you would think the owners had denied gays service left and right.

Gays and lesbians are just like everybody else. They do not feel the need to politicize their sexuality in order to label others as hateful. This is why it is so troubling to see reporters politicizing gay culture and the gay community in order to force a highly untruthful narrative.

Keep in mind, that Lau would also have never asked the question she asked Johnson if he were an openly gay public official.

“Representative, how do you expect people to take you seriously when you are so open about being gay?”

That’s a question you will never hear from a reporter, and rightfully so. The question Lau asked in any form is noting more than a tool to portray a narrative that does not actually exist.

Lau’s suggestive question portrays the Christian legislator as an automatically “anti-gay” individual because of his traditional views, which is not only deceitful, but it is irresponsible journalism as well.

What proof do journalists who use the phrase “anti-gay” routinely have when they call an individual and private business “anti-gay.”

Not wanting to be associated with a gay wedding because it goes against an individual’s private beliefs, does not make the individual “anti-gay,” it simply makes them someone who opposes gay marriage.

Were Bill Clinton and Barack Obama “anti-gay” when they opposed gay marriage?

But, if you’re Johnson, you’re “anti-gay” and hateful for holding a view that Obama held just a couple of years ago.

And why do reporters like Lau never ask these so-called “gay leaders,” who pretend to represent the entire Louisiana gay community, about their frivolous use of the term “anti-gay.”

Constantly, all the public hears from these gay leaders is that Republicans are “anti-gay” and gay marriage opponents are “anti-gay” and bigoted. Nonetheless, the reporter never challenges these gay leaders to explain how they come to that conclusion.

Many gays who refuse to accept the group-think ideology forced by these gay leaders understand that individuals are allowed to hold their own views on the subject and that in no way makes them “anti-gay.”

To many state reporters and journalists across the country reporting on this issue, the gay community is merely a pawn in the game of pushing an agenda. While reporters portray gays as targets of Christian-hate, the only group targeting gays is the left-wing, biased press, as they use them to attack Christians and get their favored, Democratic public officials elected.

It is a constant Christians vs. the gay community narrative. Being that Christians already do not buy into this narrative, it is about time the gay community, as a majority, refuse the narrative as well and understand that individuals and private businesses should be allowed to hold differing viewpoints and choose who they associate with.

There is no hate in that proposition, only respect for the individual, gay or Christian or both.



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