SARGE: Acting For The Throne

Hilarity Clinton is the same witch (sic) she’s always been. Bill is still trying to keep his pillow spoken promise to elevate her to the presidency now that he’s forced into history as a perjurer. Her minions wander the political landscape justifying her betrayal of her post as Secretary of State while allegedly (wink-wink) accepting foreign nations’ and donors’ large amounts of cash for Bill’s speaking fees. Then she’s alleged to have favored these foreign nations and donors with policy adjustments.

To date, no Democrat of any consequence has challenged her impending coronation as Diva du jour. Everybody’s afraid she and her daughter Chelsea will meet with Huma Abedin and speak to the cauldron: “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.” In this way they’ll assure Hilarity has the proper theatrics to meet her “misspeaking” about being in a sniper’s sights after landing at the airport in Bosnia. I guess the five year old with the flowers on the red carpet was easily mistaken because the brilliance of Hilarity’s persona was in her own eyes at the time.

Then we must appreciate the sheer fun of watching Hilarity seriously speaking about being “dead broke” after leaving the White House. It’s true the housing scandal allowed thousands of under-qualified borrowers to buy houses with government support and caused the market to collapse. But I didn’t know Hilarity was an impoverished unwed mother living on food stamps and in need of support to finance her multi-million dollar New York manse so she could run for the Senate. Let’s not forget Benghazi.

I agree with Frank Bruni of the New York Times when he said: “The problem isn’t the amount of money they’re making now or the amount of money they have now… The problem is exaggerating the past or seeming disingenuous or defensive.”

You know you’ve got a problem when the major, most liberal, apologist rag on the planet takes you to task for the whoppers you’re telling; especially when they’re so easily disproved. If they continue on with this program Bill’s soon to be delivered speaking engagements to the tune of a half-million bucks a pop, will be on the subject of old wives tales, fishing catches that got away and the erotic phantasms of pubescent, adolescent boys. (He’s an expert there.)

Hilarity’s quest to appear one of the struggling masses while awaiting somebody (anybody!) to throw their cape across the puddle in the mold of Sir Walter Raleigh is a matter of stupid, unrealistic charlatanism. The woman is possibly the most insincere, dishonest, hypocritical, deceitful, politically devious individual and integrity challenged runt to survive the political litter. But, in the sense of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest and the recognition of the theory of natural selection, she’s worthy of comparison to a character in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy classic; Game of Thrones ©.

I suggest Hilarity is akin (in minor ways) to the character portrayed by Peter Dinklage, an actor of extreme depth and solid craftsmanship in his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is a dwarf of monumental intellect. But he’s scarred by being different and vulnerable to the dual edged sword of pity backed by embarrassment for his being living proof of the king’s failure to deliver a progeny of stature for all to appreciate. Tyrion must use craftiness, guile, duplicity, and deceit to divert attention from the fact he’s only still alive because he’s supposedly of noble birth, and as such, special in his oddity.

But, where Tyrion is a strange composite of nobility and shockingly lacking in physical presence, he’s a character of immense integrity. He knows who he is and accepts his place in the court.

Hilarity has no depth and displays no real craftsmanship in her role as she stumbles from lie to lie. She has no integrity and is willing to do, say or act upon anything will get her what it is she wants. Tyrion and Hilarity are alike in one way. They do what they do to stay alive. The big difference is Tyrion is a dwarf elevated by his sense of dignity within himself. Hilarity will sacrifice her dignity to posture and drape herself in the robes of positions she doesn’t deserve.

That’s a big problem.

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