SARGE: Soulless Eyes

After Hilarity Clinton had her health scare suggesting she had a stroke or minor brain infarct when she was still Secretary of State she started wearing special glasses to help her focus properly. Then, more recently she’s taken to wearing her sunglasses when she orders at Scarf and Barf establishments. These glasses obviously don’t work as effectively as her prescription lenses because they don’t allow her to focus on the tip jar designed to help the people she claims to represent. They’re trying to make a living on The Fair Labor Standards Act requiring a minimum wage of $2.13 for tipped workers with the expectation that wages plus tips total no less than $7.25 per hour. (according to the US Department of Labor.)

Ronald Reagan started this crap decades ago because he was of the belief all people would give a gratuity so restauranteurs wouldn’t be punished by having to pay minimum wage and cut into their bottom line. He didn’t count on people like Clinton feeling entitled to service by minions.

She understands the concept of “servers;” she simply can’t equate to them. It’s evident the darkened shades help her to not suffer the glare of these people when she stiffs them for the gratuity expected for good service. Maybe she didn’t feel the service was good enough to deserve a tip. But, looking at her track record it appears more logical she’s so out of touch with what the middle class is about, she just didn’t feel these kids need to survive on anything more than $2.13 an hour. Why help them when you can  focus on Wall Street and Income Inequality?

In order to understand the idea I’m trying to get across we must look at her eyewear. The post-incident lenses adopted appeared to present a wavy appearance helping her to focus as the vision centers of her brain were disrupted by the alleged cerebral vascular incident. I’d suggest she was required to wear these things to support her fuzzy logic there was no real difference it made whether the Benghazi Incident occurred and who really was culpable. She didn’t clearly see the fact she’s responsible (through her incompetence and indifference) for the deaths of Americans. These spectacles were designed to distract everybody from the spectacle of her petulantly pounding the table and yelling because it IS all about her but not in the way it’s been shown.

There’s a severe disconnect between the people and this half-witted political dilettante. She’s a child of wealth and position. She was a licensed lawyer. She’s NEVER had to scratch and claw for anything she’s ever gotten or supposedly earned in spite of her lie she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. She knows nothing of sacrifice. She knows nothing of manual labor. She knows nothing of the feel of sweat dripping into your eyes as you work a field, work an assembly line or even so much as plant a flower garden to make the world brighter.

All she’s done is consume, expect to progress and have a presidency given to her because her asshat husband said he’d get it for her with the multiple millions derived from selling her Secretarial position to the highest bidder through contributions to the “Clinton Foundation”.

Yes, I believe Hilarity has vision problems. But this thought is derived from having been scuba diver years ago. While pleasure diving as a novice off of the coast of California, I was introduced to a small shark. (I make no claim to anything larger than three feet long but I was impressed with its sleekness, its speed and the fact it swims with its mouth open a lot of the time). It’s always ready to eat.

But the most interesting thing I noted as it circled us was not just its curiosity as to what it could get away with: it was the soulless, blankness of its stare as it registered the possibility of getting to taste-test this intruder entering into its consciousness.

That’s the same look I’ve seen so many times in Ms. Clinton’s eyes.

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