WELL, THIS IS RICH: Stephanopoulos Grills Schweizer On Clinton Cash

Let’s remember that George Stephanopoulos was a spin doctor in the Clinton administration. Let’s also remember he was the debate moderator during the GOP primaries who curiously brought up the question of contraception to the perplexed Republican candidates before one week later the “War On Women” PR campaign was launched.

And he’s going to aggressively challenge Peter Schweizer as a “partisan” for raising the questions about corruption in his book Clinton Cash, and for discussing those allegations with Republican politicians in advance of the book’s release?

Those questions can certainly be asked of Schweizer, and it’s no particular secret that he’s a rather activist conservative writer, but where does George Stephanopoulos get off accusing anybody else of partisanship?

ABC News should have had someone else conduct that interview to give it at least a patina of objectivity.



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