Common Core Compromise Passes The House

The vote for it wasn’t even close. The Common Core compromise bills came up for a vote by the full House on Wednesday and they passed near unanimously.

HB 542 by State Rep. John Schroder (R-Covington) which bans the state from contracting with the Common Core consortium and limits the future questions to no more than 49.9% of Common Core based questions passed 99-0. HB 373 by State Rep. Brett Geymann (R-Lake Charles) which lays out the process to create new Louisiana standards passed 99-1 with State Rep. Marcus Hunter (D-Monroe) casting the only “nay” vote.

Not only is the entire Legislature on board, but so is Governor Jindal.

“We are supportive of this compromise now that the Superintendent and BESE have listened to the concerns of parents, legislators and the administration about the make-up of the standards review commission. The next step will be to elect leaders who are committed to getting rid of Common Core,” said Mike Reed, Jindal spokesman, in a written statement.

The only group that is opposes the compromise are The Two People, LLC, who are the anti-Common Core cult. They see the compromise as a “rebrand of Common Core.” Their blog post opposing the compromise is very telling.

As long as we have elected officials who are hell-bent on using our schools to create a workforce for their planned economy, we will not see much of a change in the standards.

The only way to eliminate unacceptable standards is to eliminate Outcome Based Education completely from our schools. This will require electing officials who are not in favor of public-private-partnerships or taxpayer funded school choice.

Not even the dopiest hack from the teachers’ unions would come up with something so utterly moronic. Without “outcome based education”, how will teachers and parents measure what students are learning?

This has been what the Common Core fight has been all about from the beginning, getting rid of or weakening standards. The teachers’ unions got on board the fight to weaken standards in order to make their members’ jobs easier. Although it should be said the teacher’s unions are largely on board with the compromise. The Two People, LLC came on board to push their kooky anti-testing agenda, which makes about as much sense as chemtrails and the anti-vaccination stupidity.

The fight will now shift to making sure the new Louisiana standards are as tough as if not tougher than Common Core. If you believe in education reform, this fight is just beginning.



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