Here’s What Hillary Clinton Was Doing The Day Of The Benghazi Attack

The big question surrounding the Benghazi attacks, which killed four Americans, has been ‘What on earth was Hillary Clinton doing?’

At the time, when Clinton was Secretary of State, she was searching for a movie that she was featured in, along with President Obama.

In new emails obtained from the State Department today, it is revealed that Clinton sent this email to one of her staffers the morning of the Benghazi attacks:

hillary clinton email

The film Clinton is referring to is titled “The Oath of Tobruk” and it featured herself and Obama as leading a successful mission in Libya. Clinton, unaware that her ‘successful Libya mission’ was about to collapse, asked her staffers for a copy of the movie which Harvey Weinstein, Clinton’s friend, produced.

Meanwhile, in Cairo, Egypt, protesters formed outside the United States consulate, which then created violent protests in Benghazi, where the four Americans were killed.

At the time, Clinton and Obama claimed that an anti-Muslim Youtube video sparked the protests in Cairo and violence in Benghazi, though that was proven false and it was found that the violence in Benghazi was a pre-meditated incident.

The film Clinton requested a copy of was slayed by many critics as trying to push a narrative of success in Libya. Clinton was interviewed for the film, as well as former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.



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