Mitch Landrieu’s Shockingly Conservative Response To ‘Black Lives Matter’ Campaign

Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) of New Orleans actually just sounded like a conservative for  a second.

At a conference during the Aspen Institute’s Forum for Community Solutions, Landrieu used talking points that make him seem like he and Sean Hannity are soul-brothers when it comes to race relations and violent crime in black communities in inner-cities.

Landrieu was asked to respond with his thoughts on the now famous #BlackLivesMatter campaign, which is heralded by MSNBC, Al Sharpton and the Left, as an effort to point out alleged police brutality toward black males.

The response from Landrieu is most likely not what you would expect:

“If we really thought that black lives matter if we really thought that were true, all the people that are marching for whatever they are marching for would also be marching for the 7,000 black boys that were killed last year,” Landrieu said.

Marching against police brutality is “not about black lives matter, that’s about equal justice … and that’s an important thing,” he said. “But if it were really just black lives matter and black boys matter, we would be talking about the catastrophic number of young African-American boys that are dying on the streets of America 40 a day, every day.”

Landrieu’s statement and stance on the issue is perfectly in line with the conservative viewpoint from the likes of Hannity, Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham, who have all pointed out for years how so-called ‘civil rights leaders’ like Sharpton ignore the violent crime and murder rates in urban cities like Baltimore and New Orleans.

With race relations and tension building due to the Baltimore riots, the Ferguson/Michael Brown incident and the George Zimmerman trial, conservatives and libertarians have been the only major groups that have pointed out the hypocrisy of the Left when it comes to their idea of ‘social justice,’ when black-on-black crime continues to be an enormous problem facing the black community, yet is never mentioned by the Left.

While Landrieu’s thinking on the issue is very conservative, his action on New Orleans’ crime problems have been anything but conservative.

Since Landrieu has been in office, the city’s murder rate has been at an all-time low, which Landrieu touts every second he gets, but the violent crime rate has skyrocketed. And the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) has remained as a problem for the city, rather than a solution.

Under Landrieu, the NOPD has trailed behind with recruiting efforts and French Quarter crime has gotten so out of hand that private business and entrepreneurs like Sidney Torres have had to step in and help.

If only the conservative viewpoint Landrieu holds on this issue came out in his leadership every once in a while, New Orleans could start to look a lot more like New York City after Rudy Guiliani instead of modern-day Detroit.



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