SARGE: From Colony To Herd

America started as a blank page; a chance to organize our thoughts and come to some kind of understanding about life, the world and where our nation would go. Now it has thoughts etched into it. It’s had bird droppings thrown down upon it by a Colony of gulls.  The page was pure, now it’s soiled to the point of horrible contempt because of a thoughtlessness borne of the need to do what comes naturally and is destructive. It’s a natural act of destruction because of its lack of thought. We can only wait to either wipe it away or see it thrown out with the other trash.

I describe the Obama administration: a thoughtless gull dropping a mess on the people could easily stop the assault by erecting a cover to keep the albatross soon to be hung ‘round our necks for all time from desecrating all we thought clean and light and right. But the participants in this party of the absurd don’t want to stop the revelry applauding the fact we elected a man of another race, no matter the exact divisional percentage of his birthright. Did you know a person, for socially based genealogical purposes, is of the same race as its mother? As silly as this may sound and in spite of his complexion, Barack Obama is Caucasian by virtue of this series of hypothetical thought processes. His policies are as duplicitous, sanctimonious and misguided as could ever be expected of a third rate, lying socialist wanting to see the masses arise and destroy the proletariat from within. He’s the self-righteous contagion polluting the body national and demotes humanity to herd status.

Speaking of hypothetical thought processes, it would seem this is in alignment with the idea he’s a president merely because he lied to the American people better than John McCain and Mitt Romney. Neither of these stiff and stolid individuals is noted for great oratorical skill. Both are wrapped in plain brown craft paper while Obama came to us with Rainbow Coalitions and Red Flags flying so we’d know the Big Top is coming and we were witnessing the Coming in of the Clown. Obama was elected by a majority of the minority exercised their responsibility to vote. He was selected by the least qualified to be the worst of three evils.

This is a short thought today because I feel as though we’ve said it all. We’ve exhibited the displeasure and the revulsion a national body can when being whipped into alignment within the confines of the herd’s biomass. We’re alive. We’re moving. But nobody wants to understand this herd’s path is directed to slaughter; of ideals, beliefs and understandings of what it means to be American. We’re being herded by ideologues and the sycophants pressing their steeds against our flanks and cracking the whips scare us into moving the way our drovers demand.

It’s time to move away from the rest of this mindless herd and be the men and women we must be s our nation can return to what it once was: a nation of men and women claiming free will and self-direction as given them by their God and Savior.

I’m tired and worn. But I’m angry and torn by the facts I’ve alluded to above. It’s time to see if we will accept the scars as markers of how we’ve been mistreated these past few years or arise and unhorse the unfeeling, uncaring wannabee Vaqueros driving us to our moral deaths and before they may scar us again. It’s up to us to choose.

Thanks for listening.



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