SARGE: It’s New And It’s Broken Already

New toys are always a thrill for a while. Then the incline rate of the learning curve decides just how much fun the bloody thing will continue to be.

Tablet computers are an example of which I speak. New features connected to new models and new applications requiring interpretation and practice keep things interesting.

But you know me. There isn’t too much doesn’t draw me back to politics as I move along with this divergent and possibly divisive thought process I follow. So he it goes.

We have a new political balance in the Senate and House of Representatives. It’s alleged to be a Conservative proposition. It’s alleged to be more responsive to the will of the people. It’s supposed to harken back to a time when the people had a voice and it a was listened to by their representatives.

To this I can only say bullspit!

According to Speaker of the House John Boehner, there are insufficient support in Congress to override any agreement with Iran brokered by Obama. SAY WHAT!

The House is majority Republican. The Senate is majority Republican. And this moron (and his equally ignorant counterpart in the Senate, Mitch McConnell) can’t scare up a majority of votes to challenge a man they declare regularly is taking liberties unto himself as president. Just how stupid and ineffectual are these two dolts?

This deal with Iran has been exposed as a lie by the Iranians. They say the American people are not being told the truth by Obama and his  flathead funky John Kerry. The Iranians say they’re not giving up anything concerning their nuclear developments. And the American people are supposed to simply accept any and all things dribbled from the lips of a known liar and charlatan.

We’ve heard varying estimates from a few weeks to a few months to years before Iran is capable of producing nuclear weapons. Nobody but the fool on the hill and the desert devils know for sure how far away we are from nuclear war. And our chosen representatives say they have no way to end this guy in and follow the commands of the American people.


Why in holy heaven are they elected and then reelected if all they can do I tell us what they can’t do? Why have we populated the herd with steers as opposed to men and women capable of strengthening the legislative gene pool with the vibrancy of American ideals and historical patriotism based on American exceptionalism? The fact is Americans have grown lazy. They consistently swallow the bitter pill of Progressivism and all that it represents because it’s easier to accept what’s force-fed them in the media and on TV.

Mediocrity, insolvency of morals incapacitating our will and inconstancy of advancement based on our higher values and sense of justice and knowledge of what FREEDOM truly means are what’s causing our diminishing stature in the world.

It’s disturbing to note that we regularly accept the lesser of many evils simply because they have the most money to buy the elections.

I’ve harped on this before but the big question remains: when are we going to learn? Must we suffer the worst indignities of war foisted upon us by people assured they’ll never suffer the pains we will because they somehow believe they’re above it all? At what level of society does a person become immune to the travails of homicidal dogma? At what level of society does a person slide past the theory and belief that sending as many self-defined “infidels” to the afterlife will assure they get their version of Paradise while all others are condemned to the lowest levels of Hell Dante Alighieri could have imagined?

How do we get the representation of people live on this planet, in this time and having an awareness of the evils men can execute against others because it’s their way or the hell-bent highway?

I don’t know. But, you can bet that jack-legged, hemp addled knucklehead in the White House has proven he isn’t the one to do it.

Thanks for listening.



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