In Another Defeat For Conservatives, Louisiana Senate Approves Medicaid Expansion

The hits just keep coming from the “Republican” controlled legislature. Following the lead of the Louisiana House, the Senate has approved a plan to expand Medicaid if the next governor wants it. None of the candidates for governor have ruled out Medicaid expansion.

The vote was 31-8 in favor. The 8 nays were all Republicans. They were:

Conrad Appel
Dan Claitor
Jack Donahue
Dale Erdey
Elbert Guillory
Neil Riser
Mike Walsworth
Bodi White

The rest of the “Republicans” voted for it.

The way this Medicaid expansion scam works is that it will be paid for by a hospital “bed tax.” Just like a ponzi scheme, the bed tax will be paid for by the Medicaid dollars sent from Washington. It’s a scam.

Instead of making the principled and moral arguments against Medicaid expansion, the majority of “Republicans” have decided to take the “free money.” Conservative voters need to remember this in October.



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