John Bel Edwards Might Be The Bruce Jenner Of The Louisiana Governor’s Race

At least, that’s the impression one gets from hearing the radio ad Edwards put out today…

Here we have a leftist Democrat who votes for practically every tax increase imaginable, who is on board with practically every “innovation” in social policy his friends can cook up and who can’t find anything wrong with expanding the size and scope of state government…and to listen to most of that radio ad you’d think he’s a conservative Republican.

Well, it goes like this – Bruce Jenner is a man, regardless of how often he’ll be photographed in women’s clothes. And John Bel Edwards is a leftist Democrat, regardless of how often he’ll claim to be a “conservative.” There are weak-minded people who will allow themselves to be confused on both issues, and it seems some of those are the folks Edwards is counting on in order to have a prayer of being elected.



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